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Who’s Liable for a Tampa Taxi Accident?

When you’re seriously injured in a Tampa taxi accident, you may need compensation beyond what your insurance will cover. But who’s liable for your Tampa taxi accident? It’s easy to make a mistake and file a lawsuit against the wrong party.

Luckily, your lawyer at Anderson & Anderson can help. With a Tampa accident lawyer’s experience and knowledge on your side, you have a better chance to identify the liable party and seek compensation for your suffering.

The Taxi Company

You may believe the accident was caused by carelessness on the driver’s part. They may have been driving drowsy, speeding, or driving aggressively. But suing the taxi driver may not be the right option for your claim.

You may instead need to file a claim against the taxi company the driver works for. When an employee injures someone within the scope of their employment, their employer is often the one responsible for the damage they caused.

Other Drivers

But it’s not always your Florida taxi driver’s fault. You may have been struck by another vehicle while riding in the taxi. In these cases, your injuries may be the responsibility of another driver on the road.

In these cases, you may need a taxi accident lawyer’s tools to determine the cause of the accident. They have access to tools that can help you reconstruct the accident, for example. Other evidence, like video footage of the car crash, can also help you determine who caused your taxi accident.

Single-Vehicle Accidents

But what if the taxi driver was careful, and you were still hurt in a serious taxi accident? You may have been in the only vehicle involved in the accident. In some cases, dangerous road conditions or defective car parts can play a key role in causing car accidents.

For example, the taxi may have had faulty brakes, or another malfunction caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle. The manufacturer may be at fault in cases like this. In others, the taxi driver may have lost control of the taxi because of a fault in the road. Fault design or damage may be the fault of the government agency responsible for roadway upkeep.

Take the At-Fault Party to Court After a Taxi Accident

When you’re hurt in a Tampa taxi accident, you may need help recovering from the losses you’ve suffered. But who’s liable when you’re hurt in a Tampa taxi accident? The answer may depend on the details of your claim.

To get answers as soon as possible, you may need the help of a lawyer at Anderson & Anderson. Our expertise can help you get answers for your claim so we can help you take your claim to court. When you’re ready for your free consultation, call 813-251-0072 or fill out the online contact form below.

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