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Tampa Auto Accident Lawyers > Tampa Aftermarket Vehicle Modification Lawyer

Tampa Aftermarket Vehicle Modification Lawyer

When you think of aftermarket vehicle modifications, you may think of a person putting a new engine or muffler on their vehicle. Or maybe they want to make their vehicle sportier by adding on a spoiler.

While these are common vehicle mods, the truth is that any part you add onto your vehicle after buying it is considered an aftermarket modification. This may include alloy wheels, tow bars, and even replacement parts.

When car owners modify their vehicle, they do it to make their car louder, faster, or cooler. They don’t think about the safety aspects. In fact, modifications to a vehicle make an accident more likely.

If you have been involved in such an accident, act quickly. Seek legal help from the Tampa car accident lawyers at Anderson & Anderson. We’ll assess your case and help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries and other damages.

Problems With Aftermarket Vehicle Parts

There are three main problems with aftermarket vehicle parts:

  1. Fit. Replacing an OEM part usually means that the part will come close to fitting, but won’t be perfect. The term “good enough” should not apply to any part of your vehicle. Your vehicle is a machine that relies on every part working well. “Good enough” could mean a huge inconvenience or a serious accident.
  2. Performance. While many car owners use aftermarket vehicle parts to improve performance, the irony is that modifications can sometimes make things worse. This is especially true with something such as a headlamp. If it’s not a perfect fit, it can lead to positioning or connection issues, meaning you may be without headlights in the dark.
  3. Safety. As mentioned above, safety is a key issue with aftermarket vehicle parts. Studies show that aftermarket parts are often made of lighter, less reliable materials. In some cases, the weight varies by more than 50%. There may also be differences in the metals used to build the parts, which can impact safety. When the car has been in an accident, the insurance company may request cheaper parts to save on costs. This can weaken the structure of the vehicle and cause future accidents.

Tune Your Car Safely

Tuning your car can sometimes cause negative attention. Those who mod their cars are often seen as attention seekers. The insurance companies also frown on modifications, as they can be unsafe and cause your premiums to increase.

If you do decide to turn your car, use an experienced mechanic. Don’t try to mod it on your own.

Also, don’t endanger others by driving recklessly. If you have a need for speed, take your vehicle to a local race track. There, you can take your vehicle to its limits, without other drivers or speed limits.

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Aftermarket vehicle modifications may seem cool, but they can be dangerous, resulting in injury accidents. If you have been injured, be sure to seek legal help.

The Tampa personal injury lawyers at Anderson & Anderson can assess your case and help you determine liability. To schedule a free consultation with our office, fill out the online form or call 813-251-0072.

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