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Tampa Bus Accident Lawyer

If you have suffered severe injuries in a bus wreck caused by the negligence of someone else, work with a bus accident attorney in Tampa to seek compensation for your suffering.

Bus accidents are some of the most complex types of motor vehicle wrecks you can be involved in. Whether you are a passenger traveling on a bus or someone who was involved in a collision with one, establishing fault can be quite confusing, particularly if you haven’t retained legal representation to build your case.

Thankfully, your Tampa bus accident lawyer at Anderson & Anderson has the experience you need to determine culpability so you can seek the compensation that is rightfully yours. Read on to learn more about the different parties that may have contributed to the injuries you have endured in your bus crash.

Who’s Liable for Your Bus Crash Injuries?

Determining culpability in a bus accident can be a challenge, but the vast majority of bus crashes are caused by irresponsible drivers who choose to get behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, who are too tired to be driving, or who risk the odds by being distracted or driving aggressively.

However, a reckless driver isn’t the only reason a bus could crash. If a part on the bus malfunctioned, or the bus became unsafe in any way, there are several entities, including safety inspectors, the bus driver, their supervisor, the owner of the bus, and many more, who could be to blame.

Furthermore, if the bus was owned by the city of Tampa or another government agency, they may also be held accountable. Claims against the government are often far more complex, however, so you’ll probably want to enlist the services of a qualified attorney who has experience in sovereign immunity laws in Florida.

Filing a Claim against the Government in Florida

Sovereign immunity is a centuries-old law that many states choose to follow only under specific circumstances. Essentially, this law would prevent injury victims from bringing claims against a government agency. But in Florida, the state allows the government to have claims brought against them if a wrongful act or negligence caused the injury and other specific requirements are met.

What’s more, the statute of limitations for claims against the government is only three years from the date that you are injured, as opposed to the four-year statute of limitations for personal injury claims.

This portion of the law will only apply if an agent of the government is found to have acted negligently or wrongfully and caused you serious injury, so you’ll need to speak with your attorney to determine if your Tampa bus accident claim will be impacted.

Schedule Your Free Claim Review with a Tampa Bus Accident Lawyer

At Anderson & Anderson, we are proud to provide free claim reviews to bus crash survivors across Tampa and its surrounding cities. If you have suffered serious injuries, a highly trained Tampa bus accident lawyer at our firm may be able to help you secure full compensation for you personal damages.

You can contact our office by phone at 813-251-0072 or fill out the provided contact form to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.

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