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"They have years of experience in helping those in need"

They have years of experience in helping those in need and it makes the whole process much easier and way less scary! Read More

— Karen W.
"The Anderson Team was outstanding"

Had a car accident. Received back and neck injuries. The whole firm pitched in and fought for my rights as the insurance company would not... Read More

— Chris S.
"They will get the job done and you will be happy"

Anderson and Anderson is the most knowledgeable attorneys in Tampa Bay. They will get the job done and you will be happy. Read More

— Jason M.
"Compassion and understanding"

Compassion and understanding. Read More

— Tina W.
"I rate them 11 out of 10"

First class Law Firm exc. communication. 2 Tims Avail. Any time I needed info. Had no offer at the start. Case ended with a fair... Read More

— Robert L.
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Our Areas of Practice
Personal Injury

When you endure an injury in an accident, you don’t only have to deal with the physical consequences of the accident. There are emotional, psychological, and financial struggles that you might also need to overcome to rebuild your life. But why should you be stuck covering these costs on your own if someone else is to blame? In short, you shouldn’t have to.

Tampa Auto Accident Lawyers

The Anderson & Anderson Family Is Here for You When You Need Us

At Anderson & Anderson, we know how a serious accident or injury can upend your life in so many ways. Our firm has been helping accident victims and their families in Tampa for nearly 40 years, so we know exactly what to do to make sure you get the medical care and financial compensation that you need to deal with these struggles and move forward from a difficult time in your life. You focus on getting better and getting your life back in order, while the Tampa auto accident lawyers at Anderson & Anderson works to make sure you have the resources to do so.

A Comprehensive Tampa Auto Accident & Personal Injury Law Practice

Our Tampa auto accident attorneys are here for you if you or a family member has suffered serious harm because of the negligence or misconduct of another person, company or place of business. Below are some of the main aspects of our comprehensive Tampa personal injury law practice.

Car Accidents

Our firm handles every type of Tampa car accident and crashes there are. We represent people injured in bus, cab, or limousine accidents, or crashes involving drivers for Uber or Lyft. Our lawyers are skilled and knowledgeable to handle accidents caused by drunk drivers, distracted drivers, drowsy drivers, failure to yield, speeding, rollovers, front-end crashes, rear-end collisions, T-bone accidents, and accidents on the highway or city streets and intersections.

Truck Accidents

Crashes involving 18-wheelers are complex events with serious consequences to the accident victims. We take on the negligent truck drivers and the biggest trucking companies for tractor-trailer accidents caused by fatigued drivers, cargo loading errors, or lack of proper truck maintenance. Our attorneys are prepared to handle the most difficult and severe truck accident cases, including jackknife and underride or override accidents.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders in Tampa suffer serious personal injury or death in crashes far out of proportion to their number on the road. These most vulnerable road users have a difficult time proving it was another driver’s negligent or reckless driving and not their own that caused the crash. Our team is ready to take on the most challenging cases and secure significant compensation.

Catastrophic Personal Injury

We represent people with the most serious injuries, including head, back, and neck injuries, amputation injuries or fractures, and more. We know the steps needed to prove that the other party was negligent and that their negligence caused you to suffer significant injuries.

Wrongful Death

In cases where another’s negligence resulted in the loss of a beloved family member, we assist the personal representative of the estate in bringing a wrongful death claim for the benefit of the surviving spouse, children, parents and other dependent relatives. These claims can provide much-needed financial assistance to help grieving family members obtain justice for their loved ones and cope with the loss in their lives.

Slip and Fall Injuries

We take on slip and fall and trip and fall cases wherever they occur, whether in retail stores, apartment complexes, shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants or public sidewalks. We handle accidents occurring on staircases, elevators, escalators, swimming pools, parks, and playground equipment. Our comprehensive premises liability practice goes beyond slip and fall or trip and fall injuries and includes attacks caused by dog bites or negligent security.

Workplace Accidents

We represent independent contractors and employees when they are hurt at work by another contractor or a negligent third party. We represent construction workers in third-party liability claims involving ladder falls, scaffold collapses, forklift and crane injuries, trenching and excavation injuries, electrocution and more.

Defective Product Injuries

We hold manufacturers strictly liable for the harm they cause when they put defective products on the market, whether they were defectively designed, defectively manufactured, or contained defects in their instructions and label warnings. From children’s toys to automobiles or defective medical devices, trust Anderson & Anderson to hold giant corporations responsible for their failure to account for consumer safety.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors and other health care professionals are required to practice with the skill, competence, and care expected of other members of the profession in the Tampa community, and they can be held liable for injuries they cause by making inexcusable medical mistakes. We hold doctors and hospitals in Tampa accountable for all sorts of medical negligence, including surgical errors, medication mistakes, anesthesia errors, misdiagnosis and more.

Tampa Auto Accidents

From car to motorcycle to pedestrian to truck accidents, there are many ways in which a vehicle can be impacted. They include the following:

  • Rear-end. These are the most common types of crashes. They occur when a vehicle hits a vehicle in front.  Typically, the driver of the vehicle in the rear is the one at fault, but there are exceptions.
  • Side impact. Also known as a T-bone crash, a side impact accident happens when one vehicle doesn’t yield to another, causing the front of one vehicle to hit the side of another vehicle. The side of a vehicle has less protection than other parts of the car, so occupants may suffer serious injuries.
  • Rollover. A rollover crash occurs when a vehicle flips onto its side or roof. In a rollover, only one vehicle is typically involved. They often occur when a vehicle hits a curb or veers off the road. SUVs and pickup trucks are most likely to roll over. When a rollover happens, occupants can be ejected. These types of crashes are usually fatal.
  • Head-on. A head-on crash is the most dangerous type of auto accident. That’s because they typically involve two vehicles coming toward each other at high speeds. The impact is great, often causing fatality. Head-on crashes are often caused by driving in the wrong direction, drunk driving, and distracted driving.

Hit and run and chain reaction auto accidents tend to be complex when it comes to recovering compensation because in these cases, it is hard to determine liability. Chain reaction crashes often start out as rear-end accidents, then a vehicle rear-ends another, and so on. There could be dozens of vehicles involved in a chain reaction crash.

Hit and run accidents occur when one driver flees the accident scene. It is hard to recover compensation from the other driver when they cannot be located, which happens a lot of the time. In these cases, it’s good to have uninsured motorist insurance. This type of insurance will pay for damages caused by the hit and run driver.

The Right Size Law Firm to Meet Your Needs

Anderson & Anderson is what you might call a big small law firm. We have two lawyers and a large support staff with the capacity to meet all your needs and make sure you are taken care of and that every aspect of your case is handled appropriately. At the same time, we aren’t so big as to be impersonal. In larger firms, you rarely meet the lawyer who will ultimately handle your case. Here, you’ll deal with both lawyers directly while also receiving support from our long-term staff.

We feel like a family here in our office, and our clients feel like they are part of that family as well. In fact, it’s not uncommon at all for us to maintain friendly relationships with our clients long after their case has been resolved. To us, this is a natural result of the caring and compassion we provide as we strive to meet your needs and get great results for you.

Our Tampa Roots Run Deep

Our historic building on the bay says a lot about our roots and commitment to the Tampa community. We are one of the longest-running personal injury law firms in Tampa and indeed all of central Florida. Because of this fact, we have deep knowledge, familiarity, and history not just with the law of personal injury in Florida but with the local community and court system in Tampa and Hillsborough County. Our team is ready to handle any issue that arises and resolve it efficiently and effectively.

Anderson & Anderson Is Here for You After a Serious Personal Injury or Auto Accident in Tampa

If you or a loved one has been injured by the negligence of another in Tampa, please call our office at 813-251-0072 for a no-cost consultation. Call anytime; if after hours, our answering service will relay your message and we’ll get back to you that same evening or the next day. We have Spanish-speaking staff members happy and capable of serving our Spanish-speaking clients. We handle personal injury matters on a contingency fee basis where we advance all costs associated with the case and only charge a fee if we are successful in recovering compensation.

We are sorry for your injury or loss but welcome the opportunity to assist you in getting the care and support that will help you deal with the challenges that have been put in your way. Call or contact our Tampa auto accident lawyers online for immediate assistance.

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Timothy G. Anderson Jr. Managing Partner

Tim Anderson Jr. was born in Tampa, Florida, in 1979. Tim Jr. is a graduate of H.B. Plant High School, and has spent the majority of his life as a Tampa resident, except for the years he spent away as a “Gator” at the University of Florida.

Robert Pollick Attorney

Robert continued his education at the University of Florida and graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in History. While at the University of Florida, Robert was actively involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters where he was president of Students for Big Brothers Big Sisters and served on the Executive Board for Big Brothers Big Sisters Mid-Florida as the Student Liaison. Robert also was an active member of Theta Chi Fraternity.

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