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Teen killed by driver fleeing the scene of a prior crash

An 18-year-old from Manatee County, which is south of the Tampa area, died after her vehicle was hit by another motorist running through a red light. The other motorist was attempting to flee after being involved in a separate, unrelated car accident. The impact flipped the teen's truck and sent it in to a nearby utility pole.

Both the teen and the teen's passenger, another 18-year-old woman, were thrown from their vehicle. The passenger thankfully survived the accident and was eventually able to leave the hospital. The teen's mother said the young woman and her friend were just on their way to get some food together.

NTSB issues traffic safety wish list

The National Transportation Safety Board, as its name implies, has oversight over the safety of both the nation's highways and other transportation channels. It recently announced its so-called list of Most Wanted improvements in traffic safety.

Three of the Board's priorities all involved hazards that are blamed for tens of thousands of deaths each year. With respect to these priorities, the Board noted an ongoing problem with distracted driving. This problem not only affects busy parents and those trying to multitask while commuting to work. Commercial operators and even pedestrians need to do better avoiding distractions.

Trips, slips and falls possible on your next outing

You may think of yourself as someone who likes to get out and about. If your friends invite you out, you are always ready to go. You may even be the one to initiate these outings or plan short trips for yourself on a day off. Many times, you may feel like popping out to a local Tampa retail store for a bit of shopping.

Like most people, you likely do not consider shopping a particularly dangerous activity. However, you could face a number of hazards before you make it to your desired location, even if you have already parked your car.

Problems with electric scooters continue

Previous posts on this blog have talked about how electric scooters are coming to Tampa under a city-approved pilot program. The latest development put this process, which was expected to start in the upcoming weeks, behind schedule somewhat. Still, city officials expect to see the vehicles on the sidewalks and trails of Tampa this spring. The delay is the result of some legal language in part of the city's proposed contract that requires some tweaking. These adjustments mean that the bidding process has to start over from scratch.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the country, safety issues with these vehicles continue. One study in a major medical journal suggested that many of those who do get hurt, about 40 percent, suffer some sort of head injury. These head injuries include traumatic brain injuries, which can prove to be quite serious, in some cases even requiring a trip to intensive care.

Various types of damages might be available following crash

Your morning drive begins like it typically always does -- with a coffee cup in one hand, the steering wheel in the other and talk radio in the background. All of a sudden, though, you hear a major bang and feel pain in your body. Another motorist on the road has hit you.

Unfortunately, sometimes, these types of car accidents can cause you to suffer grave injuries with long-term consequences. Fortunately, if your accident was the result of a negligent driver, it is within your rights to seek various damages through the Florida civil court system.

Medicinal marijuana and driving

Like many other states, Florida allows people to legally smoke marijuana for valid medical reasons, so long as they follow the proper procedures under Florida law. Many people argue that the drug helps people deal with physical pain and other ailments.

No matter how one feels about society's growing acceptance of marijuana, there are certain considerations that must be given when it comes to traffic safety.

What is strict liability?

In product liability cases, a special legal doctrine applies called strict liability. While Tampa, Florida residents may have heard of this phrase, they may not know exactly what it means.

The good news is that strict liability serves to protect injured victims from having to prove that a manufacturer or business which sold the product acted carelessly when doing so. Proving a manufacturer's negligence would, for the average person, be very difficult even with the very best legal team.

We are willing to take on tough car accident cases

A previous post on this blog talked about how, in Florida, a victim may be in a situation in which, although were hurt in a car accident, some of the crash may have seemed like the victim's responsibility.

These can be tough cases to win, but, as our previous post described, getting compensation is still possible. A victim may need to prepare for a judge or jury to take in to account that the victim bears some of the blame for the accident and, in the worst case scenario, not be able to get compensation at all.

Injuries could be delayed after a car crash

As you drive to work in the morning, you sip your fresh cup of joe and listen to your favorite talk radio station. However, suddenly, you feel a large bang and hear twisting metal simultaneously. It does not take long for you to realize that you have been in a motor vehicle crash.

Sometimes such crashes in Florida happen because of a fellow driver's carelessness. In these situations, you may develop injuries immediately or experience delayed pain -- or pain that crops up days or weeks after the accident. Fortunately, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries through the civil court system.

Four killed in Florida car crash

A head-on collision in Central Florida resulted in four fatalities, two of the victims being a teen girl and her grandmother. The accident happened on Christmas, and the girl was spending time with her grandmother, who had recently been widowed. The accident was serious enough to attract the attention of Tampa media outlets.

The accident appeared to be related to a bad decision to try to pass vehicles on a curve. Police were called to the accident shortly after noon, and they determined that the driver of a Buick was trying to pass other vehicles as he approached a curve. As this was a two-way road, the man was traveling in the lane reserved for oncoming traffic.

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