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Injuries at retail stores are largely preventable

While a Tampa resident may not think about it, and may not want to think about it, there are a lot of ways for him or her to get hurt while out on a shopping trip.

Sadly, when one thinks about it, many if not most of these shopping-related injuries could be prevented by the owner of the retail store or owner of the property itself.

Is strict liability a type of legal punishment?

Residents of Tampa may have heard the phrase strict liability, but since it is what may be called a term of the trade, those who do not have any legal background may not understand exactly what it means.

In fact, when thinks of a strict person, they often think of someone who either is quick to punish offenses or whose punishments are relatively harsh.

Auto insurance is not for 'if' but rather for 'when' it happens

Do you have auto insurance only because you have to comply with the minimum coverage laws of Florida, or for protection? If you have the minimum required insurance, it is certainly better than having nothing, and it might cover financial losses if you have a fender-bender. However, if you are involved in a serious accident that leaves you with a car that is a write-off and injuries to you and others, minimum coverage will fall far short.

Minimum insurance coverage

One dead, 2 seriously hurt, in area accident

One man died and two others had to be taken to the hospital with serious injuries after a recent accident in Pasco County, which as many of our readers know is about 30 miles north of Tampa and part of the greater metropolitan area.

Police say that the accident involved a garbage truck and a private vehicle. The man driving the private vehicle, who died at the scene of the accident, may have been driving too fast, but for whatever reason, he failed to handle a curve in the road properly and drifted in to oncoming traffic. As a result, he stuck the dump truck, putting both vehicles in to nearby guardrails.

Attention Florida drivers: Is a distracted motorist nearby?

Navigating Florida roadways is not for the fainthearted. Especially in Tampa and other popular tourist areas, you may be sitting in traffic for hours before you can safely reach your destination -- which is another problem altogether. You never know what another driver might do that you may not be able to safely react quickly enough to avert.

Distracted drivers are menaces to Florida roads. Have you ever stopped at a traffic light when a vehicle comes barreling up behind you, so fast and so close that you fear the car may drive straight through the back end of your vehicle? It's enough to make your heart skip a few beats, for sure. Distracted drivers often cause collisions and injuries to others. If you're a victim of someone who was negligent, you may have a long road ahead to recovery.

Can a drug recall help me get compensation?

Sadly, just because the federal Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, approves a drug for marketing in Florida and other parts of the country, it does not mean that the drug is automatically safe.

Lots of people in the Tampa area get sickened or seriously hurt by prescriptions medicines and other drug-based remedies, oftentimes because of some problem with either the drug itself or with the way in which the manufacturer warned, or, rather, failed to warn, a consumer about potential problems.

Filing a pain and suffering claim as the victim of a car accident

You have recently been in a motor vehicle accident, and now, you are struggling with depression and persistent headaches. These health problems are unfortunately preventing you from being able to focus on your regular activities.

Fortunately, you can take legal action if your problems are the result of another driver's negligence in Florida. Here is a look at what all is involved in seeking compensation for pain and suffering stemming from a car crash that was not your fault:

Recent court holding highlights ongoing issue in drug world

The decision of a federal appellate court made a splash in the headlines recently and, although from another part of the country, may have an ongoing impact among Tampa, Florida, residents who are victims of dangerous drugs.

The case involved the generic equivalent of a major anti-depressant, Paxil, that many family doctors and psychiatrists prescribe their patients.

We just passed the deadliest day for motorists

While many residents of Florida may think that the day with most fatal car crashes would inevitably fall right around the time of a major holiday, such in fact is not the case. Indeed, the deadliest day for drivers, August 2, passed just a couple of weeks ago.

According to a report that was summarized by media outlets, between 2012 and 2016, August 2 on average saw 101 traffic-related deaths annually. This compares with 99 traffic-related deaths on July 4, which, admittedly, is a holiday known for heavy drinking.

New vehicle safety features are not always totally effective

One of the latest trends in car manufacturing is to add high-tech systems which help drivers by braking automatically when an object is in the car's path. Moreover, other established features that have been around for decades, like cruise control, have seen recent improvements.

These features are valuable aids that can help keep a driver safe and can even serve to conserve energy and reduce emissions. However, it is important to remember that they are not magical formulas for preventing all automobile accidents.

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