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Helping Tampa area truck accident victims

When an 18-wheeler crashes into a smaller vehicle, the amount of damage can be astonishing. What once was a car may look like nothing more than a wadded ball of metal. Oftentimes, such truck accidents can be so devastating that victims cannot be extracted without being cut out from the wreckage.

As you can imagine, the size and weight of tractor-trailers, particularly those traveling at highway speeds, amplify not only the damage they do to property but also the damage they do to people. Injuries that are incurred in accidents involving big rigs and other commercial vehicles tend to be more extensive and more often fatal than those resulting from a typical traffic accident.

Serious head and back injuries often result from a car crash

You start your day with a cup of coffee, and then off to work you go. You'd rather be at the beach than going to work, but all things considered, life could be worse. However, all of a sudden, all of your life changes in an instant as another motorist runs into your car, leaving you with serious injuries. Now you wish you were at work rather than on your way to the hospital.

A wide range of life-disrupting injuries may result from a car crash in Florida, including head injuries and back injuries. Unfortunately, sometimes these types of accidents are the result of a negligent driver. In this situation, you have the right to seek to hold the other driver accountable for your injuries.

Motorcycle accidents are all too frequent

It seems, unfortunately, that motorcyclists are in constant peril on Florida's roads, streets and highways. It is not that motorcycles are themselves inherently dangerous. Rather, many of the motorcycle accidents in the state are caused by the negligence or inattentiveness of other motorists.

Given their relatively small size compared to other vehicles, along with the way in which motorcyclists are exposed while on their bikes, accidents involving motorcycles are disproportionately fatal. In fact, a motorcycle rider is 29 times more likely to be killed in an accident than a driver or passenger in a car. A series of recent accidents in Florida and the Tampa area underscore this tragic statistic.

Recovering from the sudden death of a loved one

Coming to terms with a sudden, unexpected death of a loved one can be extremely difficult. You may have been going about your tasks and duties on an average day when you got a call informing you that your family member had suffered serious injuries in a Florida motor vehicle accident.

If your loved one later succumbed to those injuries, your life was no doubt forever changed. Additional information regarding the accident may have intensified your grief, such as learning that prosecutors filed drunk driving charges against the other driver. The realization that your loved one's death may have been prevented may cause feelings of anger and a strong desire to seek justice on his or her behalf. The good news is that there are strong support networks in place for people in your situation.

Florida deputy's death underscores 18-wheeler dangers

As the state's population booms and national demand for its products increases, tractor-trailers that haul the goods needed to meet the demands of businesses and consumers are an increasingly frequent sight on Florida's highways. Big rigs are not necessarily inherently dangerous, but when something goes wrong and sends one of these commercial vehicles into traffic, the outcome is often an unhappy one. Truck accidents are becoming an all-to-frequent problem in Florida.

The danger of 18-wheeler accidents was tragically highlighted in Brevard County when a sheriff's deputy was killed by a big rig. The deputy was reporting to work in his marked patrol car. As he passed a tractor-trailer on Interstate 95, one of the front tires blew on the truck. The driver lost control and swerved into the lane occupied by the deputy's vehicle and hit the vehicle. The patrol car was crushed, and the deputy did not survive the injuries.

Recognize warning signs of possible nursing abuse

As you researched various nursing homes in your area, you likely hoped to find just the right place where your aging mother or father would feel comfortable and well cared for in his or her golden years. If you live nearby, you may have felt somewhat at ease that at least you'd be able to visit often and check in to see how things are going.

Being an adult child of an elderly parent in a nursing home can be quite challenging, as you have a job and a family you're responsible for; yet, you want to spend as much time with your mother or father as possible, too. You understand there's no such thing as a perfect nursing home, but you want to be as sure as you can that you and your loved one have chosen a good, safe place.

Texting while driving is illegal, but distracted driving is not?

In Florida, it is illegal to text, email or instant message while driving - anything that requires entering or reading multiple characters on a handheld electronic device. Violation of the law is considered a non-criminal traffic infraction that is punishable by a fine. Law enforcement officers cannot stop a driver for suspected texting. Rather, it is a secondary offense for which a driver can be ticketed only if stopped for another violation, such as speeding or running a stoplight.

While the text ban is clearly an important first step, it does little to protect motorists in Florida from car accidents caused by distracted drivers. According to Florida Department of Transportation, distracted driving is any activity that diverts the attention of a motorist from the task of operating the vehicle. Other than texting, such activities include talking on the phone - the most common, and several times more prevalent than texting - and eating food while trying to drive.

Spate of small plane crashes darkens Sunshine State's skies

In the first several weeks of 2018, a handful of folks have dies in several small plane crashes across Florida, including a sheriff in the Keys, a couple off Bonita Springs, and a man flying an experimental aircraft near the Carabelle airport. While it can be difficult to ascertain the causes of an aviation accident at first blush, a thorough investigation can help get to the bottom of the matter and indicate what - or who - precisely is to blame for the tragedy.

A devastating plane crash can be caused by anything from pilot error or environmental condition to faulty maintenance or a design defect can cause an aircraft to crash. Cases of manufacturing, design, or maintenance defects may implicate strict products liability. Instances of pilot error, on the other hand, may be attributable to negligence. In some cases, the crash may have resulted from a combination of circumstances.

Did you suffer a crush injury in a car accident?

In some car accidents, the wreckage is such that emergency responders are unable to get you out of your vehicle for some time. If you also happen to be pinned in the vehicle, you could suffer from a crush injury.

The longer it takes to free you from your vehicle, the worse the situation becomes. Without the proper emergency care both before and after emergency responders extricate you from the wreckage, your injury could threaten your life.

Sobering car accident statistics in the Sunshine State

More than 16 million drivers occupy the roads, streets and highways in Florida. According to Florida's Integrated Report Exchange System (FIRES), there were nearly 400,000 auto accidents in the Sunshine State last year. These crashes resulted in almost a quarter million injuries and more than 2,900 deaths. Statistics such as these are sobering: You never know what you will encounter when you put the keys in the ignition and pull out of your driveway.

More than 45,000 commercial vehicles - such as trucks, delivery vans, and buses - were involved in crashes in 2017. When large vehicles like commercial trucks crash, they tend to do more damage to both vehicles and people. Commercial truck drivers often work long hours and travel over great distances, occasionally becoming fatigued, which can impair their driving ability.

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