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Tampa Auto Accident Lawyers > Tampa Car Accident Concussion Lawyer

Tampa Car Accident Concussion Lawyer

Suing for a Concussion After an Accident

A concussion is a whole lot more than a bump on the head or a little headache. A concussion can cause major life changes, and make things you love or need to do difficult or impossible. Unfortunately, that means you may be struggling to overcome concussion symptoms while suing for a concussion after an accident caused by negligence.

If you’re having trouble getting compensation following your concussion, the Tampa car accident lawyers at Anderson & Anderson can review your personal injury claim and help you recover compensation for your losses.

Compensation for a Concussion

Concussions are severe injuries, and they can be difficult to overcome. You may have already spent days or weeks struggling to recover from memory loss, fatigue, and focus problems. Unfortunately, that makes it harder to determine the compensation you’re due.

Your Tampa injury lawyer can help you find the costs of your brain injury. They can also help you calculate the monetary value of the non-financial losses you’ve suffered because of the accident, which isn’t easy to do.

Below are some of the damages, or losses caused by the accident, you may be due:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

What If They Blame Me for My Concussion?

Unfortunately, the at-fault party may do everything they can to avoid fairly settling with you. They may claim you were partly responsible for the accident. If you’re not prepared to defend your claim against accusations of fault, you could lose part or even all your compensation.

That’s why you may need a Tampa accident lawyer on your side. Your attorney can help you determine your best options for a defense and will gather evidence to rightfully prove fault.

Connect with a Tampa Accident Lawyer After Your Concussion

If you’ve suffered a serious head injury, you may be due compensation for those losses. Your Tampa car accident lawyer from Anderson & Anderson can help you gather evidence, determine the severity of your losses, and get fully compensated for your injuries. To take advantage of a free consultation, call 813-251-0072 or complete the online contact form to learn more.

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