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Tampa Bicycle Accident Lawyer

When you have been hit by a motor vehicle while traveling on your bike and want to ensure that the person responsible for your injuries is held to account, reach out to an experienced bicycle accident lawyer in Tampa.

Bicycle wrecks are known for resulting in catastrophic bodily injury and fatalities, as bikers don’t have the same protection of a vehicle surrounding them that motorists do. Traumatic brain damage, loss of limb, spinal injuries, and post-traumatic stress disorder are frequently seen, debilitating conditions that can seriously impact the bicyclist’s life.

For this reason, pursuing a claim in Tampa against the liable party may be in your best interests. Your Tampa bicycle accident lawyer at Anderson & Anderson is prepared to do everything possible to obtain maximum repayment of the damages you’ve suffered.

I Got Hit by a Car on My Bike—Can I Sue?

A quick bike ride around Tampa can give you some much-needed fresh air, not to mention the health benefits, environmental impact, and the fun you can have on a bike. But not everyone is giving you and your bicycle the attention you need. That can turn a nice bike ride into a nightmare fast.

If you got hit by a car on your bike, you may be able to sue. The Tampa bicycle accident lawyers at Anderson & Anderson want to help you recover from your accident and get compensated fairly for your losses.

Holding Careless Drivers Accountable in Tampa

When you’re hurt by a careless driver, you may have grounds to sue. All drivers are supposed to be vigilant for other drivers and others on the road and to avoid causing accidents. They may not have to take direct action to protect you from an accident, but drivers must take steps to drive carefully.

If a driver is careless with your safety or even attempts to harm or threaten you, you may have grounds for compensation.

Compensation for a Tampa Bicycle Accident

When you’re hurt on a bicycle ride around Tampa, you may have a hard time calculating your damages, or losses caused by the accident. These damages can end up being expensive, and if you’re not experienced in calculating these losses, it’s easy to make a mistake and fail to count all your damages.

Your damages should cover both the economic and non-economic parts of your bike accident. For example, your economic damages may include things like medical bills, lost wages if you’re unable to work, and bicycle repairs.

Your non-economic damages may include pain and suffering and other intangible losses. These damages can still impact your life, but you may need a Tampa bike accident lawyer to access the right tools to calculate these damages correctly.

Blame in Bike Wrecks

Figuring out who should be ordered to cover your financial, emotional, and personal losses is paramount to the success of your case. We start by thoroughly investigating the driver who struck you. More often than not, these drivers were distracted, drowsy, aggressive, or inebriated at the time of the collision and could therefore be found liable.

However, there are several other parties that may be to blame for the cause of your Tampa bike wreck. If a part on your bicycle or the vehicle that hit you malfunctioned or was defective in some way, then the manufacturer could be found at fault for the cause of the accident.

Likewise, if the roads themselves became dangerous in some way, perhaps due to a large pothole or missing street sign, and this is what caused the collision, then the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and/or the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles could be culpable.

There is also a chance that multiple parties contributed to the cause of the accident, in which case your attorney will work to ensure that each party is brought to justice for their negligence.

Does Shared Fault Influence Your Bike Crash Case?

Shared fault is also known as comparative negligence in FL. This means that individuals who are partly to blame for the cause of the accident still have the legal right to pursue their claim against the party that carries the majority of fault.

However, this doesn’t mean you won’t have to answer for your part in the cause of the accident. Claimants will be assigned a percentage of fault, and this amount will then be deducted from any settlement they are awarded in their case.

For instance, let’s say you were 20 percent at fault for the cause of your bike crash because you weren’t wearing a helmet. The jury awards you $250,000 for your damages, but your 20 percent reduction brings your final settlement award down to $200,000.

Get Help from a Bike Accident Lawyer in Tampa

After getting hit by a car on your bike, it can be difficult to focus on a lawsuit. You’re injured, and you may not have courtroom experience. The good news is, your Tampa bicycle accident lawyer at Anderson & Anderson has that experience. If you’re concerned about protecting your future and your funds, start with a free consultation. Give us a call at 813-251-0072, or complete the online contact form below.

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