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Tampa Rollover Accident Lawyer

Thankfully, rollover accidents are rare events. While they only occur in about three percent of car crashes, they account for nearly 30% of fatalities, taking the lives of more than 6,000 people annually. Survivors of vehicle rollovers can suffer catastrophic injuries, including head and brain injuries, spinal injuries, crushed or broken bones, and internal injuries. Victims and their families need a high degree of costly care as well as financial assistance to make up for lost work or disability, pain and suffering, and the other consequences of a devastating crash.

Our team at Anderson & Anderson is devoted to helping car accident victims and their families recover from a tragedy such as a rollover accident on Tampa streets or highways. Our deep knowledge of Florida personal injury law and our extensive familiarity with the court system in Hillsborough County helps us provide excellent representation to accident victims in need of financial support. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a rollover accident in Tampa, call Anderson & Anderson to discuss your needs with our dedicated lawyers and caring staff and find out how we can help.

What Makes a Car Rollover?

A car doesn’t have to go through a 360-degree revolution to be classified as a rollover. Any crash which results in the vehicle either tipping over onto its side or coming to rest upside-down on its roof is defined as a rollover crash. The following factors increase the likelihood of a rollover car accident:

  • Speed. Excessive speed is a factor in the majority of rollovers.
  • Front-end crash. Head-on collisions create rollovers at double the rate of side-impact or broadside crashes, and only a small fraction of rollovers happen in a rear-end collision.
  • Trips in the road. Around one-fourth of rollover accidents don’t involve a collision with another vehicle or any other impact. Single-vehicle rollovers can happen when a car is traveling at a high speed around a curve or sharp turn, or if the car encounters a “trip,” which could be a pothole, soft shoulder or other road defect, or hitting an object in the road such as a blown-out tractor-trailer tire or cargo or debris which fell off a truck.
  • Car body type. Any motor vehicle can roll over, but a rollover is more likely among certain vans, SUVs, or pickup trucks that are built with a narrow wheelbase and a high center of gravity. Vehicles that rollover too often when they shouldn’t or whose roofs cave in because of inadequate reinforcing materials might be considered defectively designed or defectively manufactured, leaving the automaker open to a products liability claim from the injured vehicle occupants or their families. The attorneys at Anderson & Anderson take on rollover accident cases against all responsible parties, whether they be other drivers, trucking companies, or one of the Big Three automakers who put a dangerously defective vehicle on the road.

Why Are Rollover Accidents So Dangerous?

When a vehicle rolls over, the occupants run the risk of severe head or neck damage if the roof crushes on impact with the road. A rolling vehicle can also depart the roadway and go down an embankment, or passengers could be ejected from the vehicle. All of these scenarios increase the likelihood of catastrophic personal injury or wrongful death in a rollover.

Survivors of rollover accidents might have head, neck or back injuries, broken bones, internal injuries, or other severe or catastrophic injuries. They may be left with permanent scars or disfiguring injuries or burns. In addition to the physical harm, rollover crashes can be terrifying events victims have to suffer through, and some relive that horror long after the accident. Our attorneys at Anderson & Anderson have the knowledge, skills, experience and dedication to help victims of the most catastrophic car accidents recover a significant amount of compensation to help them deal with the damage done.

Let Us Help After a Serious Rollover Car Accident Injury in Tampa

If you’ve been hurt in a rollover accident or Tampa, or if you lost a loved one to a fatal crash caused by another driver’s negligence, call us at 813-251-0072 for a no-cost consultation to discuss how we can help you.

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