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Tampa Car Accident FAQ

No one ever expects to be involved in an auto wreck, let alone be injured in one. But when you are, the person who is liable for the cause of the accident should be compelled to cover your losses. With that being said, we can imagine what a traumatic and stressful time this must be for you, which is why we have addressed some commonly asked questions regarding car accident claims below.

Do I need to give the insurance adjuster a statement?

No. In fact, we typically strongly recommend against giving a statement to the insurance adjuster responsible for your claim. Unfortunately, the insurance company isn’t working for you here; their goal is to minimize the amount they’ll be obligated to pay you, even if in some cases that means going to unscrupulous lengths to do so. Your best bet is to refer the insurance adjuster to your attorney, who can then make a statement on your behalf.

How long do I have to decide if I want to file a civil claim in Tampa, FL?

Filing a personal injury claim in Florida means that you’ll have four years after the car crash to get your claim filed within the Florida court system. This is important because attempting to file your claim after the statute of limitations has expired means your case will be barred from being heard in court. Working with your attorney is the best way to ensure that your car accident claim is filed before time runs out.

What is shared fault, and does it impact my case?

Shared or comparative fault refers to the injury victim having contributed to the cause of their accident. In these situations, the person injured can still file a lawsuit against the negligent party, but their award will be reduced by their portion of culpability.

With this in mind, we won’t know whether comparative fault laws will influence your case until we discuss the details of your collision during your free consultation.

Other Car Accident FAQs

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If you have additional questions that have not been addressed on this page, you can schedule your complimentary claim review with a seasoned Tampa car accident lawyer at Anderson & Anderson. Just complete the brief contact form we have included at the bottom of this page or reach out to our office by phone at 813-251-0072.

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