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How to Identify Nursing Home Abuse


Sometimes, when your loved one is unwell and elderly, you may be unable to handle the care they need. Nursing homes are supposed to provide round-the-clock care for your loved one when you’re unable to. Unfortunately, some nursing home staff may be abusive and controlling of nursing home residents.

When you suspect your loved one is being abused in their nursing home, you may need to act now with a lawyer. Your lawyer can show you how to identify nursing home abuse, and they can help you get your loved one into a safer situation if they’re in danger.

Know the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse isn’t always easy to spot. You may have already noticed injuries or illness your loved one is suffering, like bedsores or scratches. But not every case of nursing home abuse is visible.

For example, you may notice your loved one seems withdrawn and frightened. This may point to signs of verbal and emotional abuse, if the nursing home staff is shouting at or threatening them.

You may also notice changes in their appearance. If your loved one is neglected, you may notice their clothes and hair are dirty, or they’ve lost weight recently. Talk to your nursing home abuse lawyer in Tampa if you notice these signs.

Talk to the Nursing Home Resident

In some cases, nursing home residents may be afraid to talk about their abuse. Some fear they’ll be hurt again or that no one will believe them. If the injured resident can provide a statement, that evidence can be an important part of your claim.

Your nursing home abuse lawyer can also help you remove them from the dangerous situation. They may be unable to take these steps themselves, but they may be able to provide important information about their abuse. Your lawyer can help them walk through how they were injured and the types of nursing home abuse they suffered.

Ask Medical Professionals and Staff

Florida nursing home staff and doctors are the ones responsible for taking care of residents like your loved one. But some may take that advantage to abuse the people in the nursing home. Even if they haven’t engaged in abuse, they may be covering it up.

Because of this, asking staff members about the injuries can help you determine whether they’re covering up the abuse. For example, they may have conflicting stories about how your family member’s head injury happened, or they may point the finger at other people. If this happens, you may need to speak with your lawyer about pursuing a lawsuit against the nursing home for abuse.

Report Nursing Home Abuse with a Lawyer’s Help

When a loved one is suffering nursing home abuse, you have a chance to help. Your lawyer at Anderson & Anderson can show you how to identify nursing home abuse, starting with a free consultation about your potential legal claim. Reach out by calling 813-251-0072 or by completing the online contact form below.

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