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Bicycle Accident Cases are Different From Other Injury Claims


There are a lot of benefits to living in Florida, which is home to a diverse population, a lot of job opportunities, an interesting culture, and beautiful scenery. The very things that make this such a popular state to live in and visit, however, also make it more dangerous for certain people, including pedestrians and bicyclists. In fact, Florida consistently ranks as one of the most deadly states in the country for the latter. While it is possible to recover compensation after such an accident, doing so can be complicated, as bicycle accident lawsuits differ from other kinds of injury cases in many ways. Read on to learn more about navigating a bicycle accident case in Florida.

Bicycle Accident Injuries are More Serious 

There isn’t really such a thing as a fender bender when it comes to bicycle accidents. This is simply due to the vast size difference between bicycles and vehicles, as well as the relatively unprotected nature of the cyclist. Regardless of fault, the bicyclist will almost always sustain the more serious injuries in a collision with a passenger vehicle. While these injuries often include abrasions and bruising, they are also usually accompanied by more serious injuries, like broken bones, head trauma, internal injuries, and road rash. Unfortunately, any time there are more serious injuries in an accident, insurers will generally be less willing to negotiate and more likely to pressure a claimant into settling right away for a lower amount.

The Laws Governing Cycling are Different

 While cyclists have many of the same rights and responsibilities as drivers, they are also governed by a different set of laws. Bicycles, for instance, can’t be operated on certain roadways, while drivers who pass cyclists on the road are also required to give them at least three feet of distance. Perhaps most important, however, is that cyclists in Florida are not required to carry PIP insurance like drivers of motor vehicles. This can leave injured parties unsure of where to turn for compensation after an accident and without even minimum coverage for medical expenses.

Bicycle Accidents are Often the Result of Government Negligence 

While potholes and crumbling asphalt may be annoying to anyone who spends time on the road, they are rarely dangerous. This, however, isn’t true for the cyclist, who could easily be thrown from his or her bicycle upon striking a pothole at speed. Because they are so much more vulnerable to road conditions than the average road user, cyclists may end up having to file claims against local and state government agencies responsible for road maintenance, third party companies, and commercial property owners. Unfortunately, these entities are notoriously difficult to deal with, especially for someone with no legal experience.

Free Consultations Available 

Although navigating a bicycle accident claim comes with difficulties, it is by no means impossible, especially with the help of a skilled lawyer. Call the experienced and compassionate Tampa bicycle accident lawyers at Anderson & Anderson for help seeking compensation from the at-fault party who caused your own injuries. You can reach a member of our dedicated support staff by calling 813-251-0072 or by sending us an online message today.




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