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Road Safety Tips for the New Year


Even a car accident that qualifies as relatively minor can have significant consequences, causing physical injuries and a lot of property damage, which is why it’s so important for drivers to focus on road safety. We’ve included a few tips below that can help you avoid a Florida car accident in 2024.

Observe Traffic Laws 

One of the most important things you can do as a driver to avoid being the cause of a car crash is to comply with traffic laws. This includes:

  • Obeying the speed limit;
  • Following traffic signals and signs;
  • Maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles; and
  • Avoiding impaired driving.

Unfortunately, many drivers fail to abide by these rules, which puts anyone else on the road at risk of injury. In these cases, injured parties are often able to recover compensation for their accident-related losses, but only if they can prove that the other driver’s negligence was the cause of their crash.

Stay Focused 

Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of car accidents in Florida. This includes:

  • Visual distractions, which take a driver’s eyes off the road;
  • Manual distractions, which take a driver’s hands off the wheel; and
  • Cognitive distractions, which take a driver’s mind off of driving.

While all of these distractions are dangerous, those that fall under more than one category are especially perilous. Using one’s cell phone while driving, for instance, is known for being particularly risky because it involves all three types of distraction. To avoid being the cause of such an accident, drivers should be sure to remain focused on the road and to avoid taking part in activities that divert their attention from driving. This includes texting, making phone calls, eating and drinking, smoking, and daydreaming.

Maintain Your Vehicle 

Regular vehicle maintenance is also a critical component of safe driving. To help avoid being the cause of an accident caused by a vehicle defect, be sure to keep your car in good working condition by:

  • Scheduling routine inspections;
  • Having your vehicle serviced regularly;
  • Checking your tires, brakes, signals, lights, wipers, and fluid levels on a regular basis; and
  • Working with a professional who can make repairs when necessary.

A properly maintained vehicle is much less likely to stall on the road or otherwise break down, which is why it’s so important for drivers to keep their vehicles in good condition.

Paying Attention to Road and Weather Conditions 

Remaining aware of road and weather conditions at all times, but especially on long trips can help drivers make informed decisions about their routes. Be sure to check weather forecasts and traffic reports and to keep an eye out for any road closures before starting out on a long trip. If necessary, plan an alternative route and adjust your driving accordingly. This could involve slowing down, turning on your headlights, or even pulling over until a storm passes.

Call Today for Help with Your Case 

Unfortunately, even drivers who use the greatest care when on the road could end up involved in an accident because of someone else’s negligence. If this happens to you or a loved one and you need an explanation of your legal options moving forward, don’t hesitate to call the dedicated Tampa car accident lawyers at Anderson & Anderson for help.




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