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When an airplane ride wasn’t the safest way to travel

Experts say that flying remains the safest way to travel, but when a crash occurs, the devastation is often catastrophic. Even though only about 20 percent of airplane crashes involve fatalities, serious injuries often occur that require lengthy recovery times. This often means significant medical bills, time off work and other disruptions to your life.

Obviously, you weren’t responsible for the crash, so someone else bears the responsibility. Making that determination requires a thorough investigation. Agencies like the National Transportation Safety Board investigate crashes, and even their investigators sometimes have difficulty distinguishing between a defective or malfunctioning part in the wreckage.

So where do you go from here?

Even when the cause of the crash began with a defective or malfunctioning part, determining responsibility could present a challenge. Was it a maintenance issue? Was a part defective? Investigators need to answer these questions, and sometimes it’s easier to include everyone as a potential defendant and let the facts, judge and jury determine who bears the fault.

Another, and perhaps obvious, source of the crash is the pilot. Research and history show that pilot error leads to approximately 50 percent of all airplane crashes. Pilots make numerous judgment calls every time they step into the cockpit, and some fail to remember that they have hundreds of lives in their hands.

Making a mistake thousands of feet above the earth could come with tragic consequences for everyone on the plane. If a pilot decides to risk flying in a thunder and lightning storm, takes off in icy conditions or ignores visibility problems, he or she could be held responsible for the crash.

In some cases, air traffic controllers made crucial errors that bring down a plane. No one should discount some sort of human error in a plane crash until thoroughly vetting everyone involved. Of course, the airline often bears legal responsibility for the crash since it oversees the majority of operations.

I’m probably going to need help with my claim

If you came to this conclusion early, you already know that you will more than likely need assistance with any claim you file — whether a personal injury claim for yourself or a wrongful death claim if you lost a loved one. Determining liability can be a complicated process, and having the assistance of a Florida attorney who knows where to look could prove invaluable.