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What You Should Know About Truck Accident Laws In Florida

The Tampa truck accident attorneys of Anderson & Anderson can discuss with you the unique laws confronting Florida truckers involved in accidents and how they differ from the laws of other states. With decades of experience in these and other motor vehicle accident cases, we have the in-depth knowledge you need to protect your rights and pursue full compensation.

The Law Is Very Complex

Truck accident law in Florida can be more complex than laws governing automobile collisions because truck accidents often involve many different factors and involve several different drivers. Commercial motor vehicles and private passenger motor vehicles are both covered by Florida’s no-fault law. There are exceptions that your qualified attorney can assist you in understanding.

Where The Truck Is Registered Is Important

Where the vehicle is registered and licensed has a lot to do with the insurance that may apply to the truck, the driver or the trucking company.

Determining Fault Is Key

Our lawyers know it can be difficult to determine who was ultimately at fault for the accident, and there might be multiple contributing factors to an accident such as driver fatigue, an unstable load and brakes that were not properly maintained. Several different insurance companies can be involved in looking after the liability concerns of the trucking company and driver.

Federal Law May Come Into Play

Federal law also regulates truck operation in Florida if the truck is involved in interstate commerce and can be involved in any investigation and litigation. Depending on the type of cargo transported, truck operators are usually required to maintain substantial insurance. If you are involved in an accident in Florida involving a semitruck or 18-wheeler, it is important that you hire an experienced trucking accident attorney who is knowledgeable of Florida laws and regulations to help you file your lawsuit or settle your claim.

Let Us Help You Today

The truck accident law firm of Anderson & Anderson knows the legal conditions unique to trucking law in Florida. We are knowledgeable about dealing with insurance companies and the representatives of large trucking companies when it involves resolving truck accident lawsuits in the state of Florida. Our attorneys will protect your rights under the law to compensation that can enable your physical and financial recovery.

For more information, or if you have been involved in a truck accident, our firm can help. Contact the personal injury attorneys at the law firm of Anderson & Anderson at 813-251-0072 or by email for a free case evaluation.