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Who’s At Fault if a Dog Bites Me?

Many people you encounter every day are dog lovers, which means you may run into people walking their dogs, playing in the park, or taking their dogs everywhere they go. Unfortunately, not all dogs are safe around people, leading to dog bites and attacks.

But who’s at fault if a dog bites you in Tampa, Florida? The answer depends on the details of your injury claim. Luckily, the lawyers at Anderson & Anderson are here to help you get those answers.

Florida’s Dog Bite Laws

In Florida, liability for a dog bite typically comes down to one person. If you’re the owner of the dog, you’re liable. If the dog owner is a child, their guardian may be responsible for the damage their child’s dog caused.

That’s because Tampa dog owners are expected to keep their pets and the people around them safe. If you’re aware a dog may attack, for example, bringing them to a park without safety measures could lead to serious injuries for people and other dogs.

When You Could Lose Your Compensation

Just because the dog owner is liable for your injuries doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed your full compensation. In some cases, the details of your Tampa dog bite claim could reduce or bar you from compensation. For example, if you were trespassing, you may be unable to claim compensation for your injuries.

Your compensation can also be reduced if you were bothering the dog. Hitting, kicking, or driving a dog to attack could lessen the compensation you’ll receive. That means you could pay out of pocket for your treatment for broken bones, infections, and other injuries caused by the dog bite if you don’t protect your claim.

Identify the At-Fault Party for a Dog Bite

After your dog bite injury, it can be difficult to determine who should pay for your Florida claim. If you’re not sure who’s at fault, it’s easy to lose your compensation or make your Tampa dog bite claim take more time.

At Anderson & Anderson, we understand you don’t have extra time. You need your compensation, and we’re here to help when you’re asking, “Who’s at fault if a dog bites me?” We can even help you get answers with a free consultation before you work with us. Take advantage of this offer by calling 813-251-0072 or by completing the online contact form below.

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