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Florida’s Motorcycle Accident Laws And Issues

Motorcycle accident and fatality rates are high in the state of Florida. Just as accident rates are different in every state, so too are the laws governing motorcycle accidents and the lawsuits that result. The Tampa motorcycle accident attorneys at the law firm of Anderson & Anderson are intimately familiar with the unique laws involving motorcycle accidents in Florida.

Basic Motorcycle Laws Unique To Florida

  • Since July 1, 2000, Florida has required riders under the age of 21 to wear helmets while on a motorcycle.
  • Those who are 21 and older who choose not to wear helmets while riding a motorcycle must have at least $10,000 in medical insurance coverage.
  • In order to operate a motorcycle whose engine is larger than 50 cc, Florida motorcycle drivers must obtain a motorcycle endorsement on their driver’s license or a motorcycle-only license.
  • To be eligible for a motorcycle endorsement, the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles requires a) you must be at least 16 years old, b) you must have no traffic convictions for one year if you are under 18 years old, c) you must have at least a regular class E driver’s license and d) you must complete the Basic Rider Course, regardless of age.
  • It is considered a moving violation if, while operating a motorcycle, the wheels lose contact with ground, such as doing “wheelies.” However, it is not a violation of this subsection if the wheels of a motorcycle or moped lose contact with the ground briefly due to the condition of the road surface or other circumstances beyond the control of the operator, Florida Statute 316.2085(2).

If you are a Florida motorcycle driver who has been involved in an accident and you need legal help, it is important you become familiar with the unique laws of the state. Our Tampa law firm can help you understand these laws and how they may apply to you.

If you have additional questions regarding motorcycle accident lawsuits and settlements, contact the injury law firm of Anderson & Anderson or call 813-251-0072 for a free case evaluation.