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Who’s Liable for My Tampa Car Accident?

For many of us in Tampa, Florida, driving is a part of nearly every day, whether we’re commuting to work, school, or other daily activities. Unfortunately, even if we’re careful, that doesn’t mean we’re safe on the road or that there’s no chance of a car accident. In fact, car accidents can be devastating and cause serious harm no matter how careful you are.

But who’s liable for your Tampa car accident? The answer isn’t always straightforward. If you’re not sure who’s financially responsible for your car accident injuries, reach out to the lawyers at Anderson & Anderson to help you seek answers after a serious accident.

Tampa Drivers May Not Be Responsible

The answers to your Tampa car accident lawsuit may seem simple. The other driver caused the accident, so they should be responsible for the costs of your recovery, right? Unfortunately, your claim may be more complicated than that.

For example, if the driver was on the job, you may find the driver’s employer is responsible for the costs of your injuries. Taxi and delivery drivers are on the clock, and when they’re acting within the scope of their employment, they’re the responsibility of their employer.

Indirect Causes of Car Accidents

But what if the driver or other drivers didn’t cause the accident? Someone may have lost control of their vehicle, for example, causing the accident. When this happens, you may need to look further to determine the actual cause of the accident.

In some cases, someone who wasn’t actually present when the accident happened may have caused your Tampa car accident. For example, a part may have failed on one of the cars involved. You and the other driver may have crashed because the parts manufacturer failed to make a safe product.

You could also be seriously injured if a road defect, like a pothole, caused the accident. While you may have driven over many potholes in your time as a driver, a deep one can damage an axle or tire, causing you or another driver to lose control of the vehicle. In those cases, the at-fault party may be the Florida Department of Transportation.

Identify the Liable Party with a Car Accident Lawyer in Tampa

When you’re hurt in a Tampa car accident, you need help to recover from your injuries. Luckily, you have an opportunity to seek compensation with a lawyer from Anderson & Anderson. They have the tools you need to seek compensation, starting with a free consultation on who’s responsible for your injuries. Get started by calling 813-251-0072 or by completing the online contact form below.

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