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Sobering car accident statistics in the Sunshine State

More than 16 million drivers occupy the roads, streets and highways in Florida. According to Florida’s Integrated Report Exchange System (FIRES), there were nearly 400,000 auto accidents in the Sunshine State last year. These crashes resulted in almost a quarter million injuries and more than 2,900 deaths. Statistics such as these are sobering: You never know what you will encounter when you put the keys in the ignition and pull out of your driveway.

More than 45,000 commercial vehicles – such as trucks, delivery vans, and buses – were involved in crashes in 2017. When large vehicles like commercial trucks crash, they tend to do more damage to both vehicles and people. Commercial truck drivers often work long hours and travel over great distances, occasionally becoming fatigued, which can impair their driving ability.

Distracted driving is also a common contributor to car accidents in Florida. The most recent statistics show than distracted or inattentive driving was a factor in almost 50,000 crashes in 2016. This growing menace on the state’s roadways is becoming almost as dangerous as drunk driving, which contributes to nearly a third of the annual traffic fatalities in the state.

Sometimes even the best driver can’t avoid the negligence of others. If you or a loved one were injured an accident caused by another driver, you are probably entitled to compensation for the injuries, damage, and bills that you incurred as a result. A seasoned lawyer can help to ensure that you get all the compensation that you’re entitled to. Visit the car accident page on our firm’s website to see how our experience can help you recover.