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Reviewing Cold Weather Safety This Winter


Cold winter weather can cause serious problems in much of the country. While we may tend to feel insulated from these issues in Florida, it’s still a good idea to review cold weather safety, as the last few years have seen some unseasonably low temperatures across the state and unprecedented rain and flooding during hurricane season. Taking a few precautionary measures can make all the difference when it comes to preventing serious accidents and injuries.

Vehicle Maintenance

While temperatures may not get as low as in other parts of the country, Florida drivers should still consider performing vehicle maintenance during the winter. This includes:

  • Checking/testing your battery and if necessary, or if more than five years old, replacing it with a new one;
  • Replacing your wiper blades to ensure that there are no streaks or missed glass in the event of rain or snow;
  • Keeping your windshield washer reservoir filled with a winter-blend solution;
  • Checking the vehicle’s lights are working and that the lenses are clean to optimize visibility at night;
  • Checking the oil, which can thicken when it gets cold and changing the oil filter;
  • Checking the radiator and heater hoses for cracks, leaks, and contamination; and
  • Checking your tires for worn tread and replacing if necessary.

Although taking these steps doesn’t guarantee that a person won’t be involved in an accident, it can significantly reduce a driver’s chances of being the cause of a crash.

Avoid Driving in Inclement Weather

If rainstorms, high winds, or snow flurries do occur, motorists should think about staying off the road until the weather clears up. This type of weather can significantly reduce visibility, making it impossible for drivers to see each other, while tires can lack traction, resulting in the loss of control of a vehicle entirely.

Using Extra Caution when Walking

Driving isn’t the only thing that can be dangerous during the winter months. Cold weather can, for instance, make walking surfaces just as perilous for pedestrians, who could end up slipping on icy sidewalks, stairs, or outdoor areas. Wet pavement and standing water can also be dangerous. Pedestrians should use extra care when walking in Florida during the winter, keeping an eye out for potential hazards and wearing the proper footwear when they do go out.

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Unfortunately, even those who use the greatest amount of care when attempting to avoid an accident, could end up injured in one. When this happens and the accident is the result of someone else’s negligence, then the injured party could be entitled to compensation for his or her medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. At Anderson & Anderson, we both live and work in Tampa and so have a unique understanding of the struggles faced by local accident victims. For a personalized assessment of your case, or just to speak with a member of our legal team about your questions and concerns, call our dedicated Tampa personal injury lawyers at 813-251-0072 today.




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