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Negligence can take on many forms during a car accident

Personal injuries often result when someone, either the victim or another person, engages in negligent behavior. If a person acts negligently and causes their own harm, they generally do not have the right to recover their damages, as there is no one but himself or herself to blame. However, if a Tampa resident is hurt because of the carelessness or lack of regard of another person or entity, then that victim may be able to sue for their damages and recover their accident-related costs.

Negligence is often the cause of the many car accidents that plague Florida’s highways and roads. It occurs when a person fails to act, as a reasonable person would give the circumstances present at the time of the crash. If a person acts as a reasonable person would, then they may escape liability for a vehicle collision and its resulting injuries. If, though, the individual is found to have acted irresponsibly or outside of the expected way a reasonable person would act, then they may be responsible for their victims’ losses.

Negligent driving can happen in many ways. There are a multitude of distractions that can take drivers’ attention away from the task of operating their vehicles, such as sending or reading text messages, using cell phones, changing music, using GPS devices, eating, drinking, applying make-up and others. A driver may also negligently ignore or disregard the rules of the road, such as failing to stop at a light or sign, failing to abide by the speed limit or failing to modify their driving to accommodate bad weather. Drunk driving is an incredibly serious form of negligent driving and can lead to fatal and life-altering accidents.

The forms of driving negligence mentioned in this post are only some of the many ways a person’s actions may cause a negligence-based car accident. For victims of these incidents, negligence forms the basis of the claims they may pursue to recover from their serious injuries and secure damages for their losses.