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Truck Accidents Archives

Russian truckers with falsely obtained licenses are loose in Florida

The federal government regulates the process of attaining commercial driver's licenses (CDLs) to ensure accountability and safety. After all, if drivers without proper training obtain CDLs, it is possible that these drivers will cause serious trucking accidents. Such drivers hit the road with the proper license, but without the necessary knowledge and skill to operate large vehicles safely.

New training ideas meant to tamp down on truck accidents

When there is a truck accident in Florida or anywhere in the U.S., one of the first issues that must be considered when determining its cause is whether it was due to an unqualified truck driver. Given the large size and speeds at which these trucks travel, crashes can cause serious injuries and fatalities. The failure to properly train the trucker can be due to negligent acts on the part of the truck company or it might have been because the driver did not receive the proper training and lied about it. Understanding how the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration handles its rules in this regard can help with considering litigation.

New electronic logbook rule expected to prevent driver fatigue, truck accidents

The trucking industry is subject to strict safety regulations for obvious reasons: a 40-ton vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed can cause massive damage when not driven safely, and every year passenger vehicle occupants suffer catastrophic injuries because of trucking negligence.

Lawsuit filed after truck cargo shifted, causing injuries

We often discuss the considerable damage that can be done when a commercial-sized truck crashes into other trucks, cars, pedestrians and anyone else sharing the road with them. The impact of a collision with an 80,000-pound vehicle can prove to be catastrophic for victims; people who are lucky enough to survive these accidents often suffer life-changing and severe injuries.

Truck drivers outraged by carrier's plans to install driver-facing cameras

Increasingly, we live in a society in which we are knowingly or unknowingly monitored. Cities throughout the U.S. are dotted with surveillance and security cameras which are often cited as helping both reduce and deter criminal activity. While U.S. citizens have been fairly complicit in allowing the video monitoring of their public activities, many fiercely protect their privacy at home and while in their motor vehicles.

Why crash avoidance systems should be mandatory in commercial trucks

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, during 2012 alone, large commercial trucks were involved in some 333,000 accidents nationwide. In these crashes, roughly 100,000 people suffered injuries for which they required medical care and nearly 4,000 were killed.

Report sheds light on why so many Americans are dying in truck accidents

Within the last 10 years, car companies and manufacturers have continued to make strides with regard to the implementation and use of new safety features and devices in motor vehicles. Today, consumers are able to purchase cars that contain backup cameras, lane-departure warning devices and blind-spot detection systems. Unfortunately, when it comes to safety features, many argue the commercial trucking industry is severely behind.

Truck traveling at 60 MPH crashes into back of Florida school bus

Professional commercial truck drivers face many daily stresses and challenges as they work to transports goods along our nation's highways and roads. The men and women who work as truck drivers must have and maintain an exemplary driving record. Additionally, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, commercial truck drivers are subject to numerous federal regulations related to the hours and times they are allowed to work. Truck drivers are also subject to routine drug and alcohol testing and must comply with routine vehicle maintenance checks.

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