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Distracted driving moves beyond texting to other apps

Drivers in Florida often see other drivers using their smartphones while operating their vehicles. The danger of this practice is well-known by now. Lawmakers are taking steps to legislate against it and law enforcement is cracking down on it. However, with the new technology available there are greater options for drivers that go beyond texting and driving. Researchers are looking into this to determine why it happens and how it can be avoided.

A study indicates that app usage could surpass texting as a danger when behind the wheel. In a recent study, 27 percent of teens surveyed admitted to texting and driving. But 68 percent stated they used apps while driving. Eighty percent said they did not believe the use of apps made them a distracted driver. In addition, they were asked to rank what they felt were the most dangerous acts while driving; using apps was ranked far lower than texting and driving or driving under the influence.

Two apps that are popular today are Snapchat and Pokemon Go. There have been incidents of people having accidents and being hurt because they used these apps while behind the wheel. Forty-one percent of teens in the survey stated they believed using navigational apps while driving was dangerous, but 58 percent admitted to partaking in the activity. In addition, 64 percent ssaid using music apps while driving was dangerous, but 46 percent admitted to operating them.

Since the smartphone has become such an integral part of daily functioning for a vast proportion of society – especially teens – it is unavoidable that this will lead to distracted driving and a car collision. Those who are injured in car accidents should make certain that a full accident investigation is conducted to determine its cause. A legal professional can help with finding out how it happened, gathering evidence and moving forward with a legal case for compensation.

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