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Tampa Auto Accident Lawyers > Blog > Motorcycle Accident > Did You Suffer A Pelvic Fracture In A Motorcycle Accident?

Did You Suffer A Pelvic Fracture In A Motorcycle Accident?


Motorcycle accidents can cause a variety of injuries, including everything from broken bones to head trauma. There are, however, certain parts of a rider’s body that are more susceptible to injury than others. Injuries to the hips and pelvis, for instance, are common amongst motorcyclists, who are often thrown from their motorcycles upon impact and so are more likely to suffer catastrophic blunt force trauma.

Anatomy of the Pelvis

The pelvis is a symmetrical, basin-shaped bony structure that supports the spinal column and protects the abdomen. It is made of three bones, all of which are fused together and merge to form the hip joints. The pelvis plays a crucial role in keeping the body balanced and is important for lower body mobility, as well as protecting the intestines and other organs housed in the abdomen. Although the pelvic bones are very strong, they can be fractured if considerable force is applied to the area.

Pelvic Fractures

Motorcycle accidents involve significant blunt force impact, which can leave riders susceptible to serious injuries, like pelvic fractures. Most are the result of a direct blow to the pelvic area, but others can occur if too much pressure is placed on the femur. While these breakages can heal on their own, pelvic fractures are also often accompanied by damage to the organs in the abdomen. The most common types of pelvic fractures include:

  • Lateral crush injuries, which occur when half of the pelvis is crushed, either outward or inward, causing severe damage to the surrounding blood vessels and ligaments;
  • Vertical shear pelvis injuries, which happen when half of the pelvis is forced upward, tearing the sacral and pelvic ligaments;
  • Open book pelvis injuries, which occur when the pelvic bones are broken in such a way that they “open” like a book, also causing damage to the blood vessels and major blood loss;
  • Avulsion fractures, in which a small piece of the pelvis that is attached to a ligament or tendon pulls away from the rest of the bone; and
  • Acetabular fractures, which occur when the hip socket breaks.

Treating pelvic fracture is time-consuming and difficult, with many injured parties forced to limit their mobility for up to two months. Other accident victims may require invasive surgery to align, position, or immobilize their pelvis, or the use of plates and screws to hold fractured bones together. Unfortunately, these costs can quickly become overwhelming for accident victims, many of whom can’t work while they recuperate. It is possible, however, for injured parties who can prove that someone else was responsible for their crash, to recover reimbursement not only for medical expenses, but also for their lost wages and pain and suffering.

Seeking Compensation for Your Motorcycle Accident

Pelvic fractures, even when treated, can result in permanent disability for the victim. Negligent drivers can and should be held liable for causing these kinds of serious injuries. At Anderson & Anderson, our dedicated Tampa motorcycle accident lawyers will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Call us at 813-251-0072 for a free consultation.




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