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Can I sue if I slip and fall while out shopping?

Imagine you’re out grocery shopping. As you push your cart through the freezer aisle, you slip on a puddle of water that’s pooled next to one of the store’s leaking cooler units. As you fall to the hard floor, your body contorts and you land flat on your back. Writhing in pain, you struggle to stand up only to collapse back to the floor as pain shoots down and radiates throughout your back.

Injuries that result from slip and fall accidents can be painful and serious in nature. In some cases, an individual may require both immediate and ongoing medical attention and some injuries may prove to be debilitating in nature. When faced with mounting medical bills, lost wages and a permanent disability; it’s important to understand one’s legal options and the basics of premises liability law.

In order to file a premises liability lawsuit, an individual must be able to prove that another party was somehow negligent in causing or contributing to conditions that lead to his or her injuries. Proving that a property or business owner knew about or should have known about a dangerous condition is key to any premises liability case. 

In the example discussed above, the grocery store owner may be deemed negligent if it was known that the cooler leaked. If, however, the cooler had never leaked before and the pool of water was a new development, it may be harder to prove negligence.

As with any legal matter, it’s wise to secure legal representation when planning to file a lawsuit. An attorney who handles premises liability matters can answer questions, provide advice and work to help an individual recover compensation related to painful injuries, medical costs and lost wages. 

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