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Intersection collisions often result in catastrophic injuries

If you recall the days when you were learning to drive, you might remember that certain situations caused you more stress than others. For instance, you might have felt nervous the first time you accelerated to highway speeds. Merging or exiting a roadway can also be tricky, causing inexperienced drivers much stress. You hopefully had a good driving instructor and were not only able to master such skills but felt more comfortable behind the wheel.

No matter how many years you have been a licensed Florida driver, you might still experience situations that startle you or cause you stress while driving. Many times, such incidents occur at intersections, which are high-risk areas for collisions. Even if you adhere to traffic regulations and are alert and cautious at the wheel, it doesn't guarantee that the drivers near you are the same. In fact, some motorists are quite reckless at intersections.

Lower your risk

You definitely have no control over another person's actions. However, the following information and tips might help you reduce your risk for injury, especially when navigating a Florida intersection:

  • Even if the light is green, proceed with great caution. Always check your full surroundings for oncoming cars, pedestrians or other potentially hazardous situations before entering a crossroads.
  • Just because another driver has a red light or stop sign, it doesn't mean he or she is going to stop. Failing to stop at red lights and stop signs are often causal factors in serious intersection collisions.
  • Having an unobstructed field of vision is particularly important for intersection safety. If there are parked vehicles, trees, buildings or other objects nearby, you might have trouble seeing in all directions.
  • Yielding the right-of-way is a typical component of safely crossing an intersection. If you're unsure whose turn it is, it is always best to wait and let others go first.

The sudden and forceful impact of an intersection collision often causes injuries that result in partial or full permanent disabilities. An uneventful trip to the store or your morning commute to work can quickly become a tragic scene that changes your life, forever. The question is: Why should you have to endure serious financial crisis due to medical bills and time off work if another person's negligence caused your injuries?

State law allows you to seek recovery

Florida law allows recovering accident victims to seek full financial recovery for their losses when another driver's negligence or reckless behavior caused their injuries. Damages listed in personal injury claims often include emotional pain and suffering, loss of consortium and expenses associated with medical treatment, physical therapy, in-home care or licensed counseling services.

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