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Assisting Tampa-area victims of inattentive drivers

In the Tampa area, across Florida and throughout the United States, distracted driving has reached epidemic proportions. The National Highway Traffic Safety says distracted driving now plays a role in the majority of all traffic accidents. Every year, hundreds of people die in Florida and more than 3,400 nationwide in distracted driving accidents.

Lawmakers have largely targeted mobile electronic devices in measures they take to prevent distracted driving. And although cell phones are a major distraction for motorists, they are not the only form of distraction. Anything that causes a driver to divert attention from the act of controlling a vehicle is distracted driving. It may take nothing more than adjusting a radio or opening a glove compartment for a driver to cause an accident.

Although a moment of distraction may be brief, the results can have long-term consequences. There is often nothing that the victim of a distracted driving accident could have done to prevent the crash. But there are some steps that can be taken after the fact to ease the road to recovery.

If you have been involved in an accident that was caused by driver who was distracted, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and other losses. To recover, however, you will need the assistance of an experienced personal injury firm, like Anderson and Anderson. Our attorneys have years of experience helping victims of accidents recover from negligent and careless drivers. Visit our firm’s website to see how we have helped other victims of distracted driving car accidents.