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The Consequences of Failing to Respect Road Markers and Dividers


While road markers and dividers can blend into the background when we drive, the reality is that they play a critical role in ensuring not only road safety, but also efficient traffic flow. Besides promoting a better and safer driving experience, respecting these markers is legally required and is crucial to preventing car accidents. Drivers who fail to abide by the rules of the road in respecting these markers and barriers put other road users at risk. When this kind of behavior results in an accident, the at fault party can and should be held liable for his or her carelessness.

Lane Discipline 

Road markers and concrete dividers provide drivers with a clear lane demarcation, helping motorists stay on their designated routes. Motorists who respect these boundaries by staying within the lines lower their chances of weaving between lanes or making erratic maneuvers, both of which cause thousands of car accidents every year. Paying attention to these markers also reduces the chances of a sideswipe or head-on collision. While the former usually only result in property damage, the latter are some of the most dangerous car accidents in which a driver can be involved. Finally, lane discipline helps maintain the flow of traffic, lowering congestion and the risk of traffic jams, which are not only stressful, but also potentially dangerous for other road users.

Merging and Turning 

Besides helping drivers stay in the proper lanes, dividers and road markers help guide drivers when making turns and merging, especially onto exit ramps. Ignoring these markers can lead to dangerous last-minute maneuvers, like swerving or slamming on one’s brakes. This can lead to both right and left turn accidents, as well as sideswipe crashes.

Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety 

Road markers and dividers, while always important to road safety, are especially important in urban areas that are more heavily trafficked. These markers, for instance, are often used to indicate pedestrian zones, crosswalks, and bike lanes, which protect more vulnerable road users, ensuring that drivers stop at the right locations and yield the right-of-way.

The Legal Consequences of Failing to Respect Road Markers 

Drivers who don’t abide by traffic laws, including the rules regarding road markers and dividers, and who cause accidents as a result can be held liable for their failure to use reasonable care. To help prove that another driver violated these rules, an injured party may need to provide photos of the accident scene, footage from dashboard, security, or traffic cameras, and eyewitness testimony. Accident victims who are able to establish that someone else’s failure to comply with road markers or dividers was the cause of their crash could be entitled to compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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