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Investigating a Personal Injury Case


A lot of research goes into building and presenting a strong personal injury case, as filing a successful claim requires solid evidence and a thorough investigation into the cause of a victim’s injury. Read on to learn more about the steps we take to help our clients build a convincing personal injury case.

Collecting and Evaluating Evidence 

Accident victims will only be able to recover compensation for their losses if they can prove that an at-fault party was negligent and that that negligence resulted in their injury. This in turn will require a wide range of proof that we will compile, organize, and assess, including:

  • The injured party’s medical records, including doctor’s notes, documentation related to diagnosis, test results, and treatment plans;
  • A list of the victim’s medical expenses, including the costs of doctor’s visits, treatment, therapies, and prescription medications, as well as transportation to and from appointments;
  • Photos and videos from the accident scene, including any photos of property damage and injuries;
  • Police reports from the accident;
  • The testimonies of eyewitnesses who may have seen the accident occur or who can testify as to the effect of the injury on the victim’s life; and
  • Documentation related to lost income and benefits.

Our attorneys can help you collect and organize this documentation and start building a case around it. We will also ask you specific questions about the accident, so that we can search more closely into its cause. There may, for instance, be more than one party responsible for the victim’s injuries and a thorough investigation into the accident could play a critical role in helping us identify them.

Working with Specialists 

Once we’ve compiled and assessed evidence from your accident, we will begin consulting with experts who can help us further strengthen your claim. Specialists we could hire to help with your case include:

  • Forensic collision investigators;
  • Accident reconstruction experts;
  • Product engineers;
  • Medical specialists;
  • Vocational experts; and
  • First responders.

At Anderson & Anderson, we have a wide network of experts and specialists who we trust to help us untangle even the most complicated of cases.

Legal Strategy 

Besides investigating the cause of an accident and building evidence, our team will also evaluate state and federal statutory law, relevant regulations, courts rules of procedure, and case law, all in an effort to support our claims of negligence. While civil cases are a bit different than criminal cases, in that violating a law won’t result in jail time and other criminal penalties, proving that a legal code or rule was broken can go a long way towards establishing negligence. As a part of our investigation, we will also examine prior case law to help get an idea of how similar cases were handled in the past and how we can duplicate or improve upon those earlier results.

Call Anderson & Anderson 

There are a lot of steps involved in building a solid personal injury case. Contact the experienced Tampa personal injury lawyers at Anderson & Anderson to learn more about how we will go about pursuing recovery in your own case.




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