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How Hiring A Florida Truck Accident Lawyer Can Strengthen Your Claim


Commercial trucks play a vital role in interstate commerce. This does not mean, however, that their use comes without risk. In fact, the reality is that semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles can be extremely dangerous, not only due to their size, but because of the types of dangerous cargo they are often tasked with carrying. Because a large truck exerts so much more force than a standard passenger car in the event of a collision, they tend to cause catastrophic injuries, some of which tragically prove to be fatal.

Truck Accidents are Different 

To put it simply, truck accident cases tend to be a lot more complex than other personal injury claims. For instance, trucking companies (and their employees) are governed by a specific set of strict rules and guidelines that dictate how long a truck driver can operate a truck without taking a break, how cargo must be loaded, and the types of inspections that the vehicle must undergo. Truck drivers also require special certifications, licenses, and training. An experienced truck accident lawyer will be well-versed in these rules and how proof that they were violated could strengthen an accident victim’s case.

Trucking Companies are Well Funded and Well Represented 

Most large scale trucking companies retain their own team of attorneys to protect their legal interests. This means that accident victims are more likely to come up against a team of well-funded attorneys or a large insurance company, rather than the truck’s driver. Trucking companies and their insurers and legal representatives are motivated to protect their bottom line by paying as little as possible to accident victims. Injured parties who don’t have legal representation may be intimidated when asked to meet with a trucking company’s legal team, feeling pressured into accepting the first settlement offer made, even if it is unfair or too low. An experienced lawyer will see the tactics for what they are and help accident victims avoid accepting settlements that aren’t enough to cover their losses.

Building a Truck Accident Case 

Negotiating a settlement for a truck accident case, or even taking that case to trial requires a thorough investigation into the cause of the accident. This in turn requires a careful assessment of a wide range of evidence, including everything from complicated driver shift logs to employer training and supervision practices. Injured parties may need to hunt down eyewitnesses who saw the accident occur and can testify as to the events leading up to the crash. It may also be necessary to obtain copies of nearby security or traffic camera footage, or to collect data from a truck’s black box. A skilled attorney will have the resources and experience to collect the kinds of evidence that will give a claimant the best chance of success.

Call Today for a Free Consultation  

At Anderson & Anderson, our skilled Tampa truck accident lawyers have more than 35 years of experience investigating truck accidents and helping injured parties hold negligent trucking companies accountable. We know it can be intimidating to go up against these large, well-funded trucking companies. Fortunately, you do not have to do so on your own. For a free evaluation of your own case, call us at 813-251-0072 today.




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