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Did Poor Road Design Cause Your Car Accident?


While most car accidents in Florida are the result of driver error, human mistakes aren’t the only things that can cause collisions. Roadway design, for instance, can play a significant role in both preventing and causing car accidents. Unfortunately, many accident victims who are injured in such crashes aren’t even aware that the design of the road contributed to their collision. The reality, however, is that car accident victims who can prove that inferior road design caused or contributed to their crash could be entitled to compensation for their losses. Read on to learn more about how road design can reduce or contribute to car accidents.


One of the most important aspects of road design is the placement and visibility of road signs. This signage communicates everything from speed limits and upcoming turns to potential hazards and directions (e.g. one-way streets). When these types of signs aren’t placed in the correct spots or are unreadable from a distance, motorists could end up injured as a result.

Lane Configuration 

The way in which a road is laid out influences traffic flow and safety. For instance, a poorly designed roadway could lack adequate merging lanes, have confusing road markings, or require abrupt lane changes, all of which increase the chances that motorists who use that road will be involved in a crash. A good road design will take lane capacity into consideration, as well as entry and exit points, and traffic signal synchronization, which can help maintain the flow of traffic.

Visibility and Lighting 

Visibility is critical to safe driving, which is why it’s so important for roads to have reflective markings and well-placed streetlights. Incorporating lighting into road design enhances visibility and lowers the chances of collision.


Intersections often prove to be one of the most high-risk areas for car accidents, as vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists all tend to be present. To ensure that these individuals are able to safely use intersections, cities must incorporate certain safety features, like traffic lights, crosswalks, and stop signs, which can help manage traffic flow and lower the chances of a collision. Poorly designed intersections that lack these safety features, however, can lead to congestion and confusion, both of which can cause accidents.

Cyclist and Pedestrian Infrastructure 

Intersections aren’t the only places where pedestrians and cyclists, as well as motorists, are required to share the road, which is why city planners must be sure to address:

  • Dedicated bike lanes;
  • Pedestrian crosswalks; and

All of these measures enhance the safety of non-motorized road users.

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We place a lot of faith in engineers, city planners, and municipal road crews to provide the type of infrastructure that will make our roads safe for all users. Unfortunately, not all roadways are as carefully planned as they should be, which can prove dangerous for motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists alike. If you were injured in an accident because of poor road design, you could have a valid legal claim against the local government. To learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experienced Tampa car accident lawyers at Anderson & Anderson by calling 813-251-0072 today.




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