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Common Driving Mistakes That Increase the Risk of an Accident


Florida has become known as one of the most dangerous states in the country when it comes to driving. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), for instance, there were an estimated 397,620 car crashes in Florida in 2022 alone. That breaks down to nearly 1,089 car accidents per day. Unfortunately, most of the car accidents that occur on Florida’s roadways are completely preventable with the exercise of reasonable care. The following are some of the most common accident-causing driving mistakes that we see in Florida.


Of the many unsafe driving practices in which a person can engage, speeding is one of the most dangerous. Not only does it leave far less time for drivers to try and avoid a collision, but it also makes the results of any collision a lot more serious due to the increased force of impact. Speeding has become increasingly common in the U.S. and is thought to contribute to as many as 30 percent of fatal accidents. Exceeding the speed limit is always dangerous, but has proven to be an especially serious problem in intersections, where drivers, in an attempt to beat a red light, could end up causing a t-bone collision or multi-vehicle pile-up.

Failing to Use Turn Signals 

While using one’s turn signal is simple, an alarming number of people fail to do it when changing lanes or turning. This is an easy preventive step (besides being legally required), as it gives drivers knowledge of where other drivers intend to go, which can help them adjust their own driving. Using one’s turn signals should become a habit, even when there aren’t other drivers nearby, so that it doesn’t become an issue later on.

Driving While Distracted 

Driving safely requires all of our attention. Unfortunately, not all drivers give the road the attention and respect it deserves, but choose to drive while distracted. This kind of behavior caused an estimated 53,596 accidents in Florida alone in 2022, nearly 300 of which proved to be fatal. To avoid being the cause of such an accident, drivers should be sure to keep their mind on the act of driving, their eyes on the road, and their hands on the wheel. Any activity that impairs these tasks is dangerous, whether it is reading text messages, using navigation devices, monitoring children, eating, or even daydreaming.

Drowsy Driving

 Driving while distracted isn’t the only mistake that drivers make when it comes to paying attention behind the wheel. Drowsy driving, or driving while fatigued, for instance, has also become increasingly common. Besides affecting reaction time, fatigue affects a driver’s ability to make good decisions, and reduces the attention span, all of which make it a lot more likely that a motorist will cause a crash.

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