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Car Accidents and Facial Fractures


Any part of the body can be injured in a car accident, but certain areas are particularly prone to injury. This includes the face, which, due to the nature of the impact of a car accident, is often exposed directly to the steering wheel, airbag, or dashboard. Contact with these objects can cause serious facial fractures that can have far-reaching impacts on a person’s life. Read on to learn more about some of the most common car accident-related facial fractures and how victims can go about recovering compensation for their medical bills and other losses.

Nasal fractures 

Among the most common types of facial fractures suffered by car accident victims are nasal fractures. In fact, nasal fractures are thought to account for around 40 percent of all facial fracture injuries. The nose is extremely delicate and so susceptible to breaking upon sustaining a blunt force impact. These kinds of injuries can cause pain, swelling, bleeding, and difficulty breathing and in severe cases, may require realignment or surgical repair.

Maxillary Fractures 

The mid-face and upper jaw are formed from a bone known as the maxilla. Car accident victims who strike their faces during a collision often end up fracturing different parts of the maxilla, which include the cheekbone and the eye socket. These kinds of fractures, besides being very painful, can also result in facial asymmetry, problems with eye movement, double vision, and difficulty chewing. Maxillary fractures should be taken very seriously due to the proximity to vital structures, like the brain. Early diagnosis and precise treatment are critical to long-term recovery.

Mandibular Fractures 

Another area of the face that is prone to injury during a car accident is the lower jaw bone, or mandible. Fractures to this area are extremely painful and can make it difficult, if not impossible to open and close the mouth. Facial swelling and misalignment of the teeth are also common. Treatment may require immobilization and the writing of the jaw through surgery.

Le Fort Fractures

 One of the most serious types of facial fractures is the Le Fort fracture, which occurs when the upper maxilla and the hard palate actually separate just about the floor of the nose. These fractures transect not only the nasal bones, but also the orbital bones and can cause everything from difficulty breathing to misalignment of the teeth. Treatment for these kinds of fractures usually requires surgical intervention and treatment by multiple specialists.

Call the Experienced Tampa Car Accident Lawyers at Anderson & Anderson Today 

Facial fractures can be disfiguring, painful, and result in permanent disability. If you sustained a facial fracture in a car accident through no fault of your own, you could be entitled to compensation for your losses. To get started on your own claim, call the dedicated Tampa car accident lawyers at Anderson & Anderson today. You can set up a free case review with a member of our experienced support staff by calling 813-251-0072 or by sending us an online message.




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