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Money and property may not be your only accident losses

If you suffered injuries in a Florida car accident, you know that the impact can reach to most, if not all, areas of your life. You may experience much more than just loss of property and physical injuries, but you could also experience losses that are intangible and difficult to properly value.

From emotional trauma to loss of companionship, the effects of a motor vehicle collision can reverberate through your life for years to come. After this type of incident, you could have a rightful claim to financial compensation not only for your financial losses, but for your pain and suffering as well.

Skilled help for the injured in premises liability claims

When we step outside our doors and onto other people's property, we place trust in others to keep their property reasonably safe. Indeed, property owners have a legal duty to keep their premises reasonably safe so that visitors are not injured by property hazards.

If property owners fail to address unreasonably dangerous property conditions and you are injured as a result, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries through a personal injury lawsuit on the basis of premises liability.

Should I settle my car accident claims?

The decision to settle any legal case should be made after consulting with an attorney who practices in the area of law relevant to the party's claims. As such, Tampa residents who are unsure of whether it is to their advantage to settle their vehicle accident cases are strongly encouraged to discuss the facts of their cases with personal injury attorneys. This post does not provide any legal advice and should not be relied on for those seeking counsel on how to handle their pending claims.

When a person decides to settle their car accident case they are ultimately deciding not to take their case to trial. In exchange for releasing the party or parties responsible for their injuries from any further legal liability a victim may receive compensation from those that they had initially planned to sue. For some a settlement may be advantageous to litigation because it may save them time and energy from avoiding the stresses of a full trial.

Traumatic amputation could lead to different types of pain

Catastrophic injuries can come in many forms. Injuries to the back and head often come to mind as having the potential to cause serious harm, but extremities can also face severe injuries that can prove life-changing as well. Hands, arms, legs, feet or even fingers and toes could get crushed or, worse, amputated during a serious car accident.

Amputation may be one of your worst fears as this type of injury often proves permanent, and if you suffer such an injury, you will certainly need to relearn how to perform various activities that you could once carry out well on your own. In addition to the trauma of losing a limb in a violent accident, you could also still experience pain after the limb's removal.

Warning defects in products can cause consumer injuries

When the manufacturer of a consumer product releases an item into the stream of commerce, they have a duty to ensure that users of the product will be able to handle it and use it as intended in a safe manner. Any Florida resident who has bought something in its original packaging has probably found warnings, labels, and instructions included with the product that describe what users should and should not do with the product to keep themselves out of harm's way. When those warnings fail to keep individuals safe the manufacturers of the products may be liable for the harmed persons' injuries.

Warning defects are a problem that fall under products liability law. Manufacturers have two duties when it comes to providing warnings to consumers: first, to make sure users of the products are warned of dangers hidden in the items and second, to make sure that users of the products know how to use them safely. If a warning fails to protect a consumer from one of these two issues then their losses may be compensable under a products liability claim.

Three people die in fiery car accident on Selmon Expressway

A devastating scene recently unfolded on Selmon Expressway in South Tampa. Drivers witnessed a multi-vehicle collision that left one of the involved cars engulfed in flames. Despite efforts by good Samaritans who stopped their own vehicles to help the victims, three individuals perished in the fiery wreck.

A man, a woman and a child lost their lives in a crash that authorities believe was caused by a driver who lost control of her car as she was executing passes on the expressway. She struck the victims' car, sending into oncoming traffic where it was hit by two more vehicles before catching fire. The passing driver did not stop to help the victims and authorities later caught her and charged her with several crimes.

A minor injury can lead to big health problems in the future

It can be difficult in the immediate aftermath of a Florida accident to truly grasp the nature of an injury. In fact, it can be weeks or months before you understand how an injury will affect your daily life and future. For some accident victims, what started as a relatively minor injury becomes worse over time, resulting in a new diagnosis of a painful condition called complex regional pain syndrome.

CRPS is a chronic medical condition that lasts for a least six months or longer. Most often, it affects one limb near or around an area where there was recently an injury. It is an extremely painful condition, and one that doctors believe is the result of damage to the nerves surrounding an injury site.

Distractions can cause car accidents serious injuries

Driving a car is not always an easy task. As Tampa residents know, drivers must first understand the rules of the road before they are granted licenses that they may use to legally drive vehicles. Once a licensed driver has a vehicle, they must understand the nuances of its operation and work to keep it safe and in good condition so that it does not break down or otherwise cause them harm. If a licensed driver has a safe vehicle to drive, their ability to safely operate it can be affected by uncontrollable circumstances such as bad weather, heavy traffic, and other unpredictable events. In other words, getting to the point of putting a safe car and safe driver on the road together is not necessarily an easy task.

However, many people take the already difficult process of driving to an even more dangerous level when they choose to operate motor vehicles while distracted. Distracted driving occurs when a driver has their attention on something other than the road, such as a smartphone, a passenger, food or another item of interest.

Does drivers' lack of sleep contribute to truck accidents?

It is hard to do anything well when a person is tired. Each day, Tampa residents wake up, hit their snooze buttons, and hope for just a few more minutes of coveted sleep before they must start their days and meet their professional and familial responsibilities. A good night's sleep make all the difference between doing a job well or having to do it over; in some cases, the failure of an individual to adequately rest before doing their job can put others at serious risk of injury.

A good example of this is the problem of fatigued truck drivers on American roads. In the not so distant past truck drivers were able to operate their large commercial rigs for extended hours and over many days in order to make fast deliveries for the companies that employed them to transport their goods. However, exhaustion presented itself as a serious problem as tired drivers caused devastating truck accidents and innocent parties suffered significant losses as a result of such crashes.

Does signing a waiver always limit your ability to sue?

You are probably familiar with many of the common liability waivers that come as a part of participating in certain groups -- gyms, school sports, recreational activities and more. You might expect to sign these documents as a matter of course, usually as part of initial contract proceedings. Liability waivers can seem so rote and routine that you may not even pay much attention to them as you are signing.

Then the unexpected happens. You, or your minor child, suffer injuries while on the premises of another business, and you feel that the other party is at fault for the injury. Does the fact that you signed the waiver automatically mean that you aren't eligible to file a lawsuit? Perhaps, but every rule has exceptions.

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