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Tampa Auto Accident Lawyers > Tampa Staircase Trip & Fall Lawyer

Tampa Staircase Trip & Fall Lawyer

There are many situations in which we may need to use stairs: in our homes, at work, in an office building, at a hotel, at a concert or sporting event, in a shopping mall, or at apartment complexes. Getting up and down stairs is not always an easy feat. Sometimes the steps are damaged or the user may misjudge the steps, causing trips and falls.

In a trip and fall, the person falls forward, which can cause broken arms and hands as well as neck and head injuries. Tripping on stairs can cause long-term injuries, so make sure you are compensated for your damages. Contact the Tampa staircase trip & fall lawyers at Anderson & Anderson for legal assistance.

Factors That Cause Staircase Trips and Falls

There are many ways in which issues with staircases can cause trips and falls. Here are some common factors:

  • Riser and tread design. When using stairways, people tend to look at only the first three and last three steps. A person is more likely to suffer serious injuries when going down stairs rather than going up. Therefore, the stairway must be designed to avoid overstepping.
  • Stairway visibility. A person can experience faulty foot placement where there is poor visibility on risers and treads. This can cause people to misread the edge of the stairs.
  • Stair rails and handrails. Stair rails and handrails serve different purposes. Stair rails serve as guardrails to protect people from falling off the edge of the stairs. People use the handrails to keep their balance as they go up and down stairs.
  • Adequate lighting. Many stair accidents are caused by poor lighting. When a person is not able to see the next steps, the risk of tripping is very high. Visible treads and brighter lighting can help with this problem.
  • Short stairways. Low stairways that have just several steps are easy for people to trip over. Many falls are caused by “air steps” when people step off into thin air. These stairways are often found in hotels and restaurants.
  • Maintenance and use. Many stairway accidents occur due to overuse and poor maintenance. Stairs should be kept clean and in good condition. There should be no loose threads or excessive wear. Carpeted stairs should have no noticeable deterioration. Stairs should not be used for storing objects. People should know how to use stairs properly, which means not rushing up or down stairs and not carrying items in your hands while ascending and descending.

Contact Our Tampa Trip & Fall Lawyers Today

Tripping while traveling up or down stairs can lead to serious injuries. It’s important to go slow and be careful, but accidents can still occur due to poor maintenance and other issues.

If you were injured while tripping and falling on stairs, seek legal help from the Tampa personal injury lawyers at Anderson & Anderson. We can assist you with liability and compensation issues. Schedule a consultation with our office today by calling 813-251-0072 or filling out the online form.

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