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Tampa Grocery Store Injury Lawyer

Going to the grocery store is a weekly ritual for most Central Florida residents. For most of us, the trip is uneventful. Unfortunately, there are times when something goes wrong and someone is seriously injured in a slip-and-fall or similar accident while walking down the store aisles.

In many cases, the grocery store’s owner is legally liable for customer injuries caused by the negligence of its managers and employees. An experienced Tampa grocery store injury lawyer can review your case and advise you on taking legal action. Anderson & Anderson is a team of dedicated Florida personal injury lawyers with over 35 years of experience in helping slip-and-fall accident victims recover full and just compensation for their losses following a preventable accident at a grocery or convenience store.

When Are Tampa Grocery Stores Responsible for Customer Accidents?

Under Florida premises liability law, a grocery store owes “invitees” such as its customers a duty to keep their property in reasonably safe condition. This duty covers any hazards that the store’s ownership and management was aware of or should have known about through the exercise of due diligence. Additionally, a grocery store must warn a customer of any “concealed dangers” that the customer could not readily see or discover on their own.

Some common examples of hazards that can lead to an actionable grocery store injury include:

  • spilled food or liquid in the aisles;
  • leaky roofs;
  • leaks from refrigerator cases, freezers, and air conditioners;
  • leaks from malfunctioning plumbing in store bathrooms;
  • recently cleaned floors with no “Wet Floor” signs;
  • missing floor mats near store entrances and exits;
  • cuts from damages shopping carts and store shelves; and
  • cracked and uneven pavement in the store’s parking lot and sidewalks.

If you are injured while shopping at a Tampa-area grocery store, you should immediately notify the store’s manager. Most corporate grocery chains have procedures in place for preparing an official incident report. Make sure you request and receive a copy of that report. You should also seek immediate medical attention even if you do not think your injuries are that serious. We have seen far too many cases where a slip-and-fall at a grocery store produces injuries that do present any immediate symptoms, such as concussions or internal bleeding. It is therefore always better to be safe than sorry.

You should also speak with a qualified Tampa grocery store injury lawyer as soon as possible after your accident. We know how to deal with the grocery store’s management and insurance company. More importantly, we know how to preserve evidence and build a potential case against the store for negligence.

Contact Anderson & Anderson Today

If you have suffered a serious injury while shopping at Publix, Walmart, TomThumb, Save A Lot, Key Food, or any other Florida grocery store, you should act promptly to preserve your legal right to pursue compensation. To speak with a Tampa grocery store injury lawyer right away, call Anderson & Anderson today at 813-251-0072 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation.

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