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St. Petersburg Truck Accident Lawyer

Crashes involving tractor-trailers are often traumatic. Learn more about what your legal options are for bringing the liable party to justice by speaking with a truck accident attorney in St. Petersburg.

No one ever expects to collide with a big rig, but when it happens to you, you need to be prepared to fight for repayment of your losses. It is quite possible that you have racked up extensive medical bills in addition to dealing with the emotional ramifications of your injuries, among other things.

A St. Petersburg truck accident lawyer at Anderson & Anderson may be able to help you obtain compensation for everything you have been through in this ordeal. Should we take on your case, we will thoroughly investigate the accident in order to determine who is to blame, and we’ll do everything possible to ensure that you are awarded fairly.

Establishment of Fault in Tractor-Trailer Crashes

In any type of accident, figuring out who is to blame becomes critical, as we need this piece of information in order to determine who your injury claim is going to be against.

Trucking accidents are often particularly difficult, as there are several different parties that are responsible for making sure that the 18-wheeler runs and operates as it should. As such, the individual or entity that could be at fault for your trucking accident might include:

  • Safety inspectors
  • Auto manufacturers
  • The truck driver (for example, in the case of distracted driving)
  • Technicians
  • The owner of the tractor-trailer
  • The company that employs the trucker
  • Cargo loaders

It is also possible that several parties may have contributed to the cause of your collision. If this is true for your case, your lawyer will be prepared to pursue claims against all culpable entities so you can be awarded maximum compensation for your personal, financial, and emotional losses.

How Shared Fault Could Impact Your Truck Wreck Claim

If you are considering legal action against the liable party, you also need to be aware of the state’s comparative fault laws. This is for those who may be partially to blame for causing their accident and/or their resulting injuries.

In Florida, the law states that these individuals may still pursue their lawsuit and recover compensation for their losses, despite having contributed to the cause of the collision. However, you should also be prepared to have your award reflect your portion of fault accordingly. For instance, if you are found 10 percent to blame, your award would then be reduced by that 10 percent of fault.

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer in St. Petersburg

No one is a match for a big rig on the roads, but when you need to head to court, a respected St. Petersburg truck accident lawyer at Anderson & Anderson is prepared to go up against them.

If you are interested in taking charge of your life after a collision with an 18-wheeler, set up your free consultation at our St. Petersburg firm as soon as possible. You can call us by phone at 813-251-0072 or reach out through the quick contact form provided below to schedule yours.

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