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Tampa Auto Accident Lawyers > St. Petersburg Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

St. Petersburg Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Debilitating bike wreck injuries can permanently alter life as you once knew it. If you are ready to hold the liable party accountable, work with a motorcycle accident attorney in St. Petersburg to seek the money you deserve.

Motorcyclists are far more likely to endure catastrophic injuries than someone traveling in any other type of motor vehicle. As such, when you suffer an injury due to someone else’s negligent conduct, you may be able to get justice by pursuing a civil lawsuit against the at-fault person or persons.

Taking on a civil claim while you are recuperating could be far more than you are prepared to handle. With that in mind, your St. Petersburg motorcycle accident lawyer at Anderson & Anderson is standing by ready to take on your case. If we represent you, you can rest easier knowing a team of highly trained attorneys is in your corner, ready to fight for the repayment you’re entitled to.

What to Expect When You Deal with the Insurance Company

For motorcyclists, dealing with the insurance company is often more of a challenge than for other drivers who have been in vehicle accidents. This is because the insurer will often stereotype the biker as an irresponsible motorist for the sole fact that they own and ride a motorcycle. This unfair stigma has cost millions of motorcyclists the settlements they deserve.

The reason the insurer sometimes does this usually is not because you are actually a reckless or dangerous driver but because they believe doing so can lower the amount they will be required to pay you. If you choose to pursue your insurance claim with the help of an attorney, you can rest assured that the insurer is not able to take advantage of you during this difficult time in your life.

Obtain Full Repayment of Your Losses after a Motorcycle Crash

But the insurance company is not the only way to obtain the compensation you deserve, and that’s good, because oftentimes, your insurance payout won’t adequately meet your needs.

Filing a civil lawsuit against whoever is to blame for the cause of your motorcycle crash will enable you to seek repayment for things the insurance company does not cover, such as mental anguish, the damage to your earning potential, pain and suffering, and lost quality of life, to name a few.

Many injury victims in St. Petersburg feel uncomfortable taking civil action, particularly when they are still recuperating from their injuries. Having a lawyer handle all of the legal details so you can increase your chances of holding the liable party to account may be the best way to move forward if you find yourself hesitant to pursue your personal injury claim.

Schedule Your Consultation with a St. Petersburg Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you are interested in seeking maximum compensation for your losses but are unsure of where to begin with your claim, reach out to a knowledgeable St. Petersburg motorcycle accident lawyer at Anderson & Anderson. You can schedule a free consultation at our office by filling out the brief contact form below or giving us a call at 813-251-0072.

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