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Tampa Auto Accident Lawyers > Pinellas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Pinellas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Suffering a catastrophic injury while riding your motorcycle is never easy. For help bringing the liable party to justice, consult a motorcycle accident lawyer in Pinellas. 

Motorcycle accidents are known for being some of the most dangerous collisions a person can be involved in. Without the same protection afforded by other vehicles, motorcyclists are at an increased risk of suffered devastating injuries, or even death, when struck by another vehicle. If you’ve been injured and aren’t sure what your next steps should be, a regarded Pinellas motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to help.

Our team of highly trained attorneys at Anderson & Anderson are ready to take on your case. If we’re working for you, you can rest easier knowing we’ll handle the insurance company on your behalf, protect you from being taken advantage of, and establish culpability so the appropriate party or parties are able to be held accountable for their recklessness.

Beware the Insurer

No one is ever prepared for negotiations with the insurance company, and for motorcyclists, dealing with the insurance company takes on a whole new meaning. Insurers as a whole are known for taking advantage of injury victims at a time when they need compensation the most.

Insurance adjusters have manipulated the statements given to them by well-intending claimants, and made lowball offers to victims they knew were in desperate need of financial help. Not only have motorcyclists across the country had to deal with these types of unscrupulous tactics, but they have also been subjected to stigmatization.

Motorcyclists have long been taken advantage of after being stereotyped by the insurance company as being reckless, irresponsible drivers. Picture those biker movies from the ‘80s in which the motorcyclists had tattoos and were always a member of a biker gang—that’s what insurers try to paint the majority of motorcyclists as.

When you’re preparing to file your insurance claim, do yourself a favor and have your attorney deal with the insurer so your award and your reputation as a driver, are protected.

Shared Fault in Bike Wrecks

Because insurers will likely try to pull one over on you, you should have an understanding of how shared fault works in Florida. Shared fault means that you have contributed to the cause of your accident and injuries.

Florida practices comparative negligence, which means even if you are partially to blame, you can still file a civil claim. However, expect your injury settlement to reflect a shared fault deduction accordingly. If you are 30 percent at fault, your award will be reduced by 30 percent.

Speak with a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Pinellas

If you are interested in learning more about the losses you may be able to recover in your bike wreck claim, reach out to a qualified Pinellas motorcycle accident lawyer at Anderson & Anderson. We provide free consultations to injury victims across Pinellas County and the state of Florida.

To take advantage of this opportunity, give our office a call at 813-251-0072 or fill out the convenient contact form provided below.

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