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Tampa Auto Accident Lawyers > Hillsborough Truck Accident Lawyer

Hillsborough Truck Accident Lawyer

When you have been struck by a tractor-trailer and have no clue how to go about holding the liable party accountable, contact a qualified truck accident lawyer in Hillsborough County for assistance. 

Trucking accidents are unique in that no vehicle that goes up against a big rig is likely to come out on top. This often results in traumatic, disabling injuries to those who are lucky enough to have survived the collision (and many others do not). Unfortunately, there are so many parties that could have contributed to the cause of your accident that it may be difficult to establish fault on your own.

If you work with a respected Hillsborough truck accident lawyer at Anderson & Anderson, you’ll have a team of highly trained attorneys working to build your case. If we take on your case, our investigation will uncover who is responsible for causing your injuries so they can be compelled to compensate you for your suffering.

Pursuing Your Tractor-Trailer Collision Claim

As you prepare to take legal action against the individual or entity that is to blame for causing your accident, it is important that you keep the state’s statute of limitations in mind. In Florida, you have four years from the date that the accident occurred to get your claim filed within the civil court system.

This may seem like plenty of time, but figuring out who is to blame in a trucking accident can be far more complicated than you might think. Cargo loaders, safety inspectors, the truck driver, the owner of the truck, the trucking company, and many other individuals and parties could all have contributed to the cause of your collision, as they all play a part in the safety, operation, and maintenance of the big rig.

If you fail to file your claim before the four-year statute of limitations expires, you will no longer have the opportunity to have your case heard, and you’ll therefore be unable to obtain compensation for your losses in Hillsborough County.

Damages That May Be Recoverable after a Hillsborough-Area Truck Crash

The good news is that every single loss you have experienced in HIllsborough will be taken into consideration as your lawyer works to determine how much your claim is worth. You probably know you can obtain repayment for your healthcare costs, property damage, and lost wages, but did you know that you can also include compensation for the following losses?

  • Lost quality of life
  • Damage to your earning capacity
  • Loss of companionship and love
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of household services
  • Scarring/disfigurement
  • Inconvenience

You could also be awarded punitive damages if the judge finds that the actions of the liable party were to intentionally cause harm, or if they were egregious in nature.

Reach Out to a Truck Accident Lawyer in Hillsborough

Trucking wrecks are some of the most severe motor vehicle accidents in the world. If you’ve been injured and need legal help to obtain repayment for your losses, you can set up a free consultation with a qualified Hillsborough truck accident lawyer at Anderson & Anderson. To do so, just give our office a call at 813-251-0072 or submit the online contact form included at the bottom of this page.

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