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Clearwater Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Suffering a devastating injury in a bike crash can permanently impact your life. Get help bringing the liable party to justice by reaching out to a motorcycle accident lawyer in Clearwater.

Motorcyclists are always more likely to be injured in a collision than someone traveling in almost any other type of vehicle. With that being said, when your accident wasn’t your fault, the person or persons who are to blame ought to be held accountable. Though the claims process can be daunting, your Clearwater motorcycle accident lawyer should be able to take care of these legal matters on your behalf.

At Anderson & Anderson, we strongly believe that injury victims should never get stuck dealing with the effects of an accident without being repaid by the at-fault party. If we take on your case, we will do our due diligence to uncover who is culpable and how much they should be compelled to compensate you for their negligent actions.

Florida Shared Fault Law and Your Civil Claim

One of the most important tort laws you need to know is Florida’s comparative fault law. Also known as shared fault, comparative fault allows injury victims who have contributed to the accident in question to still seek compensation from the other at-fault party.

However, you should be prepared to take responsibility for your part in the accident by having any compensation you are awarded reduced by your portion of fault. For example:

Bob wasn’t wearing a motorcycle helmet when he was struck by an aggressive driver. As a result of his decision not to wear a helmet, the court found that he was 10 percent to blame for the injuries he sustained in Clearwater. For this reason, Bob’s $100,000 was brought down to $90,000 due to Florida’s comparative fault law.

Everything You Should Know about the Statute of Limitations in FL

In Florida, personal injury claims like these must be filed before the statute of limitations expires. The statute of limitations will always begin from the date of the accident or from the day you were diagnosed with an injury relating to the accident. It will then continue to run for four years exactly until expiring.

Once it does, you will no longer be able to have your case heard before a judge and will therefore be unable to obtain the compensation you might have otherwise been entitled to. Fortunately, your Clearwater bike crash attorney will be well aware of the expiration date for your civil claim and will do everything possible to ensure that your accident case isn’t barred due to missing this important deadline.

Get Help from a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Clearwater

When you have endured catastrophic injuries due to your involvement in a motorcycle collision caused by someone else, a Clearwater motorcycle accident lawyer at Anderson & Anderson may be able to help.

We proudly offer complimentary consultations to injured bikers across Clearwater and the state of Florida. You can give our office a call at 813-251-0072 or fill out the brief contact form at the bottom of this page to schedule yours.