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Your FitBit says walk, but you might want to pump the breaks

From the FitBit on your wrist to the articles on your Facebook feed, everyone seems to have the same message — walk more to stay healthy. This recent push to create healthier communities is important, but it could be putting you in danger.

More than anyone else on the road, Florida pedestrians face risk of serious injury from larger motor vehicles. Compared with people in cars, on motorcycles or riding bicycles, pedestrians usually do not have any type or protective gear to keep them safe during accidents. A wreck that causes serious injury to a pedestrian might leave a driver without a scratch.

Just how common are pedestrian accidents?

On average, every two hours someone will die from injuries suffered in a pedestrian accident. Many more suffer injuries, with hospital emergency rooms across the United States treating about 430 pedestrian accident victims each day. These numbers can be frightening whether you are a pedestrian who walks out of necessity because you lack a personal motor vehicle, or if you are one of those who walks for pleasure and health.

Am I at risk of being hurt?

If you are a pedestrian, there is probably no avoiding some of the risk that negligent drivers pose. However, there are certain factors that might increase your risk of injury or even death:

  • Victims between the ages of 15 and 29 are most likely to visit emergency rooms for injuries suffered in a pedestrian accident.
  • In general, male pedestrians tend to be injured and suffer fatalities more often than their female counterparts.
  • Drinking alcohol can increase the risk of being hit by a driver.

Many people offer common-sense tips to keep pedestrians safe, and implementing these safety protocols — such as only crossing at marked intersections — can be a smart idea. However, no precaution can completely protect pedestrians from negligent drivers.

Your rights as a victim of a pedestrian accident

Since the injuries that Florida pedestrians tend to suffer are severe, medical costs can be high, and if you were a victim to one of these unfortunate incidents, you may facing a substantial time away from your work for your recovery.

Whether a driver was intoxicated, looking at a cell phone or just not paying proper attention, he or she can be held responsible for your injuries. When successfully litigated, a personal injury claim is often the best avenue for victims to recover much-needed compensation. This normally includes financial recourse for medical costs, pain and suffering and lost wages.