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Noelle G.

Why do people choose to text and drive?

With all the media attention on it as well as stepped up enforcement efforts, one would think that Tampa, Florida, residents would no better to text and drive or even to try to take a phone call without the proper hands-free technology.

Nevertheless, people keep doing it, and the fatalities and serious injuries due to car accidentsresulting from texting and driving keep adding up.

A recent report on distracted driving sheds some light on what people’s reasoning is; that is why they think sending or receiving that one text or making that one phone call is so important, even if those few seconds can be the difference between life or death for those with whom they are sharing the road.

According to the report, over 60 percent of those asked said that they chose to text and drive because they thought communicating could be an emergency situation. In other words, people think their motives are good, or, at least, they try to justify them as such.

This excuse makes sense when one considers who people choose to text and drive with. For instance, almost 45 percent of those asked said that they engaged in texting and driving with their spouse or significant other. Almost 1 in 4 of all drivers said they communicated with their children who were, presumably, old enough to use a phone.

While it might make some sense that people think they are texting and driving in emergencies only, this is not a good excuse. There are very few things in life that merit an immediate interruption, especially if someone is driving. Even when they do, a driver then has an obligation to pull over to a safe place; they should not make a situation worse by taking their eyes and minds off the road.