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Who is to blame if I get hurt on a leased property?

Premises liability law generally allows an injured party to sue the owner of a parcel of land or real property, where the injured party suffered their harm. However, as many Tampa residents know, not all individuals own the properties in which they live. A number of people rent houses, apartments and condos from others.

A big question arises when a victim is harmed at a rented residential property. This is because the owner of the property is not in possession of the property at the time the injury occurred. Rather, by creating a landlord-tenant relationship with the party to whom the property was rented, possession of the property passes to the party or parties paying rent.

Accordingly, can a victim sue a property owner, even if another person is in possession of the property through a rental or lease agreement? The answer is maybe.

The facts of each case, the terms of the lease agreement drawn up between the renter and the property owner, as well as the nature of the property condition that gave rise to the victim’s injuries may all factor into whether the property owner will be liable.

In some cases, the agreement between a landowner and a renter may relieve the property owner of any wrongdoing if the injuries suffered by the victim were because of actions taken on the property by the renter. However, as with all legal matters, individuals who have been affected by this unusual twist to premises liability claims are encouraged to speak with their personal injury attorneys as this post is only offered as a general discussion of the topic.

Dangerous property conditions can result in individuals suffering serious injuries, even death. Through premises liability claims, some victims are able to secure compensation for their losses and are able to move forward with their lives after recovering from their leased propertyaccident-related ailments.