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Warning defects in products can cause consumer injuries

When the manufacturer of a consumer product releases an item into the stream of commerce, they have a duty to ensure that users of the product will be able to handle it and use it as intended in a safe manner. Any Florida resident who has bought something in its original packaging has probably found warnings, labels, and instructions included with the product that describe what users should and should not do with the product to keep themselves out of harm’s way. When those warnings fail to keep individuals safe the manufacturers of the products may be liable for the harmed persons’ injuries.

Warning defects are a problem that fall under products liability law. Manufacturers have two duties when it comes to providing warnings to consumers: first, to make sure users of the products are warned of dangers hidden in the items and second, to make sure that users of the products know how to use them safely. If a warning fails to protect a consumer from one of these two issues then their losses may be compensable under a products liability claim.

Consider, for example, that a consumer buys a new toaster. The instructions and warnings provided with it may guide the consumer through setting the toaster up and plugging it into the wall. However, imagine that the warnings do not note that the top of the toaster gets very hot as the item toasts bread. If a consumer does not have a reason to know of the heat danger and suffers a burn as a result of the failure of the manufacturer to provide a warning that injury may be subject to products liability damages.

Products liability matters are often case-specific and victims of warning defects are asked to discuss their claims with personal injury lawyers. Other defects related to the products may also apply to their cases and victims may have additional claims to add to their potential suits.