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Understanding the dangers of trucks on the road

If you drive, you no doubt see large trucks on the road every day. Throughout the United States, including the Tampa, Florida area, they undoubtedly serve an important service to people, whether it is delivering food and products to stores, equipment and supplies to manufacturers, or even dump trucks delivering trash to a landfill.

While you may take these trucks for granted, it is important to recognize the additional risks and dangers they present to car drivers. Trucks with their large size and often heavy cargo, do not have the same agility as traditional cars. It takes far longer for trucks with heavy payloads to stop, and even weaving to avoid an accident or hazard on the road is inherently more difficult. In addition, trucks are vulnerable to cross winds and jackknifing.

What also needs to be considered is the aftermath of an accident involving a truck and a car. While we may have a false sense of security sitting inside a vehicle that acts as a shell, with our seatbelt on and airbags likely installed, it is not uncommon for a truck accident to lead to catastrophic, serious injuries or even a deadly result.

A truck accident can be caused by factors, including but not limited to truck driver fatigue, defective auto parts, a drunk truck driver, speeding, or negligence by the driver or trucking company. A lawyer’s job is to look at the causes of an accident and when appropriate, prove to either an insurance company or jury that a car driver was the victim of the accident and deserves compensation for his or her injuries.

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