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Trips, slips and falls possible on your next outing

You may think of yourself as someone who likes to get out and about. If your friends invite you out, you are always ready to go. You may even be the one to initiate these outings or plan short trips for yourself on a day off. Many times, you may feel like popping out to a local Tampa retail store for a bit of shopping.

Like most people, you likely do not consider shopping a particularly dangerous activity. However, you could face a number of hazards before you make it to your desired location, even if you have already parked your car.

Trips, slips and falls

Because the thoughts on your mind as you walk from your car to the store may revolve around the items you hope to find or just spending some fun time with your friends, you may not realize that certain hazards are ahead that could lead to trips, slips and falls. Unfortunately, you may not consider the risks you face until you find yourself involved in an accident and wind up suffering injuries.

In many cases, hazards have existed that property owners or business operators failed to address, which put you and other patrons at risk. Some hazards that could lead to you suffering injuries include the following:

  • Dangerous sidewalk conditions, which the business owner may hold liability for if the sidewalk leads exclusively to a particular store or if the city does not have the responsibility of maintaining it
  • Dangerous parking lot conditions, such as cracks, holes, height differences and other uneven surfaces
  • Inadequate lighting, which could result in your inability to see possible hazards ahead, especially at night

When you come upon a hazard like an uneven surface or hole, that hazard could cause you to fall. In some cases, falling can result in serious injuries, especially if you land on hard surfaces, like the blacktop of a parking lot or edge of a sidewalk. You could even strike your head, which could lead to a brain injury.

Serious repercussions

Some people may not consider slip-and-fall accidents as serious, but these incidents can lead to severe injuries and other repercussions. If you do end up injured as a result of dangerous conditions on someone else’s property, you may have reason to file a premises liability claim. A successful legal claim may allow you to receive compensation for your injuries and other damages resulting from the incident.