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Who’s Liable in a Tampa Truck Accident?

After a Tampa truck accident, you may feel overwhelmed and may struggle to recover from your injuries. You may also be due compensation, but who’s liable in a Tampa truck accident?

The answer may not be clear right away. You may think about suing the truck driver, but in many cases, they’re not the at-fault party from a legal standpoint. You can act now with a lawyer from Anderson & Anderson so you know what to expect and who may be liable for your truck accident.

When the Employer Is At Fault

If you’re hurt because a truck driver was careless, you may think suing the driver is the answer. They caused your Tampa truck accident through their negligence, after all. But your claim may not be so simple if the driver was on the clock.

In these cases, the truck accident may be their employer’s responsibility. Employers are responsible for the actions of their employees when workers are on the clock and acting in the scope of their job. Your truck accident lawyer can help you determine whether the employer is at fault and who to serve your lawsuit to.

Truck Accidents Caused by Defective Parts

There are other cases where Tampa truck accidents aren’t the driver’s fault. The truck driver may have been doing everything in their power to avoid the accident. The problem may have been a mechanical failure in the truck.

Commercial trucks are massive vehicles, so when something goes wrong, the results can be devastating. Because of this, the manufacturer of the defective part may be held responsible for your injuries. They may have been careless in production, and now you’re hurt.

Identify the At-Fault Party with a Truck Accident Lawyer in Tampa

You need to know who caused your truck accident, and you need to know who to sue in these situations. But that can be tough when you’re hurt, suffering, and inexperienced in the courtroom. Worse, more parties can be involved in your truck accident, not just the ones above.

Luckily, the lawyers at Anderson & Anderson have the experience and tools you need. If you’re unsure who’s liable in a Tampa truck accident, reach out for a free consultation by calling 813-251-0072 or by completing the online contact form below.

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