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What To Do After A Tampa Truck Accident

What should you do in case you have an accident with a truck? Here are some tips from our Tampa law firm, Anderson & Anderson, on what to do first:

  1. First, try to stay calm and stop your vehicle if it is moving. If it is in danger of being hit by another car, try to pull off to the side of the road or into a well-lit parking lot. Once you have stopped your car, turn off your engine and if it is safe, step out of your vehicle; if not, then wait for assistance.
  2. If you, your passengers or the individuals in another car are injured, seek medical assistance immediately. Use a cellphone to call 911 for emergency services, and if you believe it is needed, ask for an ambulance to be sent to the scene of the accident. Know your location with cross streets should you need to provide this information to the emergency service operator.
  3. Notify police and cooperate with them at the scene of the accident. If you or your passengers are injured, immediately inform the police. Make sure that a police report is taken along with statements from any witnesses and photographs of the accident scene.
  4. After the collision, you will need to report the accident to your own insurance company as soon as possible. When you do, simply provide the information that is included in your police accident report. If you are asked additional questions, refer the company to our truck accident law firm.
  5. It is likely that you will be contacted by at least one commercial truck insurance adjuster. It is wise not to talk with them immediately after the accident. Above all, do not sign anything or give a recorded statement without consulting first with your truck accident attorney.
  6. If you have not retained a lawyer, tell the insurance representative contacting you that you are seeking legal representation and that your Tampa truck accident attorney will contact them. If you have already retained an accident attorney, give the insurance company representative the phone number of the law firm and no other information. Many people do not realize that insurance representatives are trained to get information from you that the insurance company can later use in its favor during the settlement process.

Consider retaining the services of Florida attorney Timothy G. Anderson to represent your interests in a lawsuit. Please contact the injury law firm of Anderson & Anderson, or call 813-251-0072, so we can discuss the next steps you should take to recover from this life-changing accident.