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Who’s Liable for My Injuries in an Apartment Fire?

When your apartment caught fire, you may have suffered severe injuries and lost irreplaceable personal items, and now you are facing overwhelming expenses. Those damages can leave you suffering for years following the fire.

But who should be held responsible for an apartment fire? If you’re not sure who’s liable for your injuries and suffering, you may need to reach out to one of the personal injury lawyers at Anderson & Anderson. They can provide the guidance you need to overcome your injuries and suffering.

Landlords May Be Liable

When you choose to rent an apartment, you’re living on someone else’s property. That means that the upkeep and maintenance of the apartment are typically not your responsibility. That usually falls on the landlord, who is liable for any accidents or injuries that happen on their land because of their failure to meet building safety codes, for example.

Let’s say the landlord failed to call pest control, and termites chewed through the wiring, causing a fire. They’re liable for failing to ensure the apartment was safe for you to live in and failing to make repairs to prevent the accident. This becomes a premises liability claim.

Will My Apartment Insurance Cover My Damages?

But you may have renters insurance for your apartment to cover the costs of your damages in a situation like this. In some cases, you may be able to file a claim with the insurance company and get compensated for the personal items you lost in the fire.

But that doesn’t mean the insurance company will compensate you fairly or fully for the suffering you’ve experienced. Most renter’s insurance policies don’t cover medical losses like treatment costs for burn injuries. And they’re unlikely to cover non-economic losses, like mental trauma, at all. They may even lowball your settlement for the things they do cover, offering you less than you’re due for the financial impact of the fire.

If your insurance policies fail to cover all the damages you’ve suffered because of the fire, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Your lawyers can help you gather evidence that you’re due more for your claim and represent you in court if they fail to compensate you and breach their contract with you.

Seeking Compensation for an Apartment Fire

If any liable group fails to offer you the compensation you’re due for your injuries, your lawyer can help you seek compensation for the costs of your injuries. That includes determining what your economic and non-economic damages are worth.

Your economic damages should cover all the financial costs you suffered because of your accident, while your non-economic damages should cover the mental and emotional hardships you may have suffered because of this traumatic experience. If you’re not sure what your property damage, pain and suffering, or other damages are worth, reach out to a lawyer for help.

Seek Out an Injury Lawyer for a Florida Apartment Fire

When you’re suffering because of an apartment fire, you may not have the tools you need to recover. Worse, the at-fault party may be unwilling to offer the compensation they’re liable for.

When this happens, you could use help from a lawyer at Anderson & Anderson. Our lawyers offer free consultations so you can get the guidance you need when you’re hurt and suffering because of an apartment fire. Get answers when you call 813-251-0072 or fill out the following online contact form.

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