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What Are Non-Economic Damages in Florida?

The purpose of filing a personal injury claim is twofold. One, you want to make sure that the individual or entity who is responsible for causing your accident is brought to justice, and two, you want to ensure that you obtain the compensation that you’re entitled to for your injuries.

Many injury victims have no idea how much their claim is really worth, or how the value of their claim is calculated. For this reason, we dive into details about financial losses you can recover, describe economic damages, and why you should be compensated for them.

Financial Losses You Can Recover

Also known as economic losses, your financial losses are the ones most commonly thought of when thinking about how much your claim is worth.

These damages might include property damage, money you missed out on earning by not being able to work, the damage done to your earning potential and your medical expenses. With each, the value is easily quantifiable. But that is not the case with non-economic damages.

Examples of Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages do not have a monetary value in and of themselves—they have to be given one by your attorney. You can think of them as every loss you endured that has nothing to do with money.

Some examples of commonly sought after non-economic damages include pain and suffering, inconvenience, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of companionship and love, loss of household services and emotional distress, among others.

Reach Out to a Personal Injury Lawyer in Florida

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